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Familiarity breeds contempt, and though a lot of the other things we say on here might also conjure contempt, we figured we could take care of that familiarity thing and change the vibe in here from time-to-time. So we’ve added a bit of vintage 70s Polaroid mystique to our site so you can imagine Angie Kerber as a roller derby queen, picture Federer in short shorts and striped tube socks, and know that Ernests Gulbis would so totally be driving a boattail Riv.

1971_buick_riviera_boat_tail_-_copper_met_-_rvr buick-riviera-boattail-2014-picture-wallpaper-buick-1215101432

Of course he’d have two. Well, let’s be real, his dad would have two.

But we digress.


Yanina Wickmayer Grigor Dimitrov I squish your head Cincinnati Open 2013

Val and J.D. began TennisInsideOut.com in 2012, encouraged by a Tennis.com writer and an international actor to create an entertainment and humor site devoted to seeing the fun side of the sport of tennis. (Who can say no to that level of cheering squad?) We strive to give tennis fans, both new and diehards, all the entertaining stuff we can find, like pretty pics, goofy lists, weird observations, elaborate fandom in-jokes, snarky commentary, and anything else our cray-cray-for-tennis brains come up with.

Check the sidebar for links to specific players included on the site, or click through the Recent Posts. You can also visit our Fan Favorites section for our most popular posts and some hidden gems.

Angelique Angie Kerber lining up overhead smash Cincinnati Open practice visor braid racquet photos pictures by Valerie David 2013

Be sure to check out our black & white photography series, The Beauty of Tennis. Learn about the project here in our first installment, dedicated to Tommy Haas.


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Steve Weissman tweet we are crazy awesome Mar 2016


Valerie David profile picture vintage 70s versionValerie David Spencer is a freelance writer who specializes in Arts & Entertainment, most recently contributing featured pieces for Screenrant.com, CableTV.com, Yahoo! TV, Y! Celebrity, and Y! Movies. Her work has appeared on TVOvermind, CareerAddict.com, The Frisky, SFGate, IMDB, and a variety of other websites. Along with TennisInsideOut.com, she runs entertainment site TV News & Reviews (TNR).

Her tennis photos have appeared on Let’s Talk Tennis, Last Word on Sports, inadvertently on Blick (she’ll be happy to tell you that story if you ask), and on American player Ryan Harrison’s Twitter profile:

Screen shot of Ryan Harrison Twitter using my 2015 photo as profile pic June 2016

Valerie hosts The Night Session podcasts with Outside the Ball’s Courtney Massey. She’s also guest-posted at The Grandstand, and guested on podcasts for Tennis Atlantic and Realz Tenis Fanz.

Valerie is also published in fiction, with short stories and a manga comic script.

Valerie grew up playing tennis with her family, where games often consisted of 2-shot rallies that inevitably ended with the ball sailing over the fence into destinations unknown. There was no $75 million-a-year career in the works, but there was lots of fun and laughter, and so began her love of the sport.

When she’s not debating the flaws of the Arrow finale on Twitter or writing about the latest naked TV vampire, she’s arguing about the futility of the GOAT debate and tweeting about the latest near-naked tennis player (which is usually Rafa or Fabio). She tries to be fair to all players and respect their skills, but it’s quite obvious to everyone that she loves Swiss players Stan and Fed the way JMac loves Rafa–but with slightly less off-topic rambling. She also cheers in an unseemly fashion for her Polish princesses, Caro and Aga. She holds out hope for our players from #Merica, but is willing to adopt Canadian players as needed.

60seconds-eleanor-02“Thought Leader” J.D. (represented here by “Eleanor” from Gone in 60 Seconds) is as crazy about tennis as his wife Valerie, proven by the fact that he’s been willing to eat dinner in a catastrophically messy office while watching Tennis TV live streaming on the computer for weeks on end. He has an askew view of the tennis world that demands to be shared, hence the formation of TennisInsideOut.com. When asked if he plays tennis, J.D.’s usual response is “I own a racquet.” His three favorite players are: “Fish, Federer, and Anyone That Plays Djokovic.” (Val will tell you he also has a fondness for Kerber, Shvedova, and Cibulkova.)

The Tennis Inside Out website is a constant work in progress, but was always meant to be a place to share Val and J.D.’s random observations about tennis that strike them funny. Hopefully you’ll find these observations as humorous as they do, and they’re guessing the blog will be even funnier once you’re done watching a marathon Djokovic/Nadal Slam match that you got up at 2:30am to watch. Sleep-deprived and hopefully drunk readers, that’s their target audience.

Enjoy the blog, and feel free to leave comments or tweet your thoughts to @TennisInsideOut or @ValerieDavid. Don’t say anything to J.D., he doesn’t want to hear it.

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