Who Is Grigor Dimitrov?

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Name: Grigor Dimitrov

Goes by: Grisho (if you’re Bulgarian-influenced), Grisha (if you’re Russian-influenced), Dimi, “Showtime.” And please don’t call him “Baby Fed.”

Val has named him: “My Little Bulgarian Breaded Pork Tenderloin,” bestowed after one of many times he rolled in the clay after a diving trick shot.

Birthday: May 16, 1991

Country: Bulgaria

Twitter: @GrigorDimitrov

In a nutshell: Grigor Dimitrov is a highly talented, charmingly handsome, creative player who loves a hot dog shot more than anyone save Gael Monfils. While the young Bulgarian’s desire to show off sometimes comes at the expense of a point, he’s at least not willing to risk life and limb for a spectacular stunt move like the aforementioned Frenchman.

With the employment of taskmaster coach Roger Rasheed, Grigor worked very hard to not only improve his once sketchy strength and stamina, but to also strategize better and scale back on playing to the crowd. Unfortunately that stringent regimen seemed to squelch some of Grigor’s improvisational fire, which is often what it takes to win matches. He kept up his ongoing relationship with the Good to Great Academy, as well as hiring the former coach of Slam-winner Juan Martin del Potro, Franco Davin.

Long-limbed and lean, with an elegant serve and a one-handed backhand follow-through that requires ridiculous amounts of flexibility, Grigor has often been compared to a young Roger Federer. As he’s developed as a player, however, his style has become a mash-up of Federer’s grace, Novak Djokovic’s athletic defense, and his own brand of enthusiastic showmanship.

Grigor has been a “promising player” for many years now, and he’s worked his way up to flirting with the Top 10, making it to a career-high #8 in the summer of 2014. While turmoil in his coaching situation and personal life affected his results in 2015, fans hope that the “promise” part will soon pay off, leading to bigger wins and accolades for a man so perfectly suited to stardom.

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Want To Know More?

Grigor’s Twitter and Instagram account are an absolute treasure trove for his fans. This is a man who loves social media and all the opportunities it provides to craft a perfect image with cute selfies, positive messages, and artsy views of himself and the world. Skeptics may roll their eyes, but for those who love him, he knows exactly what they want to see.

He shares pics of his incredible style on court.

Grigor showing his badass side for sponsor Nike. This partnership, plus his Wilson racquet, were further inspiration for that “Baby Fed” nickname the media bestowed on him.

Grisha’s always been a fashion-forward kinda guy, which is one of the ways he bonded with former girlfriend Maria Sharapova. He’s not afraid to share his style and fashion tips for his followers.

The young Bulgarian gives off a constant aura of positivity, inspiring those around him to smiles, laughter, and intimate moments at net — even on tough practice courts in sweltering weather. Stan Wawrinka Grigor Dimitrov practice Cincinnati 2013 hug handshake close bodies touching at the net photos pictures

Grigor is not at all afraid to post provocative images…with interesting shadows.

And also not afraid to be a total goofball.

And finally, some awesome videos to give you a sense of the man in motion:



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