The Beauty of Tennis Series

Jelena Jankovic Cincinnati match hand on top of head yellow Fila dress photos b&w

At the end of 2013, we here at Tennis Inside Out kicked off a series of photo collections that we hoped would uniquely highlight the sport we love. Our first subject was Tommy Haas, a former world #2 with a game of energy, calculated speeds and angles, a graceful one-handed backhand, and some damned clever shot-making. As we explained in that inaugural post:

“The Beauty of Tennis is a black & white series that focuses on the unique beauty of each particular player. Not just their attractiveness, but the visual art they create with their tennis, with the elegant lines of their bodies, the finesse of their movement, and the curves of the muscles they’ve achieved through hard work and dedication.

Color photos can be richly beautiful, but we like how black & white pictures limit distractions, and with the help of specific framing, help you focus on the subject in a new way.”

To work your way through all of the collections, you can click the Beauty of Tennis tag here or in the sidebar. Or you can scroll down for direct links to the players featured. As always, we recommend viewing on a larger screen, but we’ve recently upgraded our galleries to enhance the mobile experience.

We hope you enjoy the series, which will continue to be updated with new players and photos. Please share links to your favorite collections on social media — we always love to welcome new reader-viewers, and we thank you for supporting the site!

Haas hot sexy shoulder muscles backhand line up backwards cap naked photos of Tommy pics
Tommy Haas


Angelique Kerber Angie black & white photos by Valerie David leftie backhand pictures
Angelique Kerber


Beautiful Federer black and white old school photos handsome face Nike t-shirt sexy pose curls images photos Cincy tennis Western and Southern Open 2013
Roger Federer


Stanislas Wawrinka


Jelena Jankovic sexy forehand swing back shoulder muscles Cincinnati
Jelena Jankovic


Western and Southern Open 2015 Petra Kvitova practice forehand follow through black and white photos pics
Petra Kvitova


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