Angelique Kerber — The Beauty of Tennis Series

Angelique Kerber Angie black & white photos by Valerie David leftie backhand pictures
How long and how much she suffered to make herself a work of art…Her body as frame and wall and traveling exhibition, a personal statement on public display. — Grace Bauer.

Here we have Angelique Kerber, the subject of our first installment for the ladies in The Beauty of Tennis Series at Tennis Inside Out. We recently kicked off this new feature on the site with the Tommy Haas collection.

If the Tommy photos were perhaps all about the abs, we have to say with Angelique it’s all about the legs. So much of the German player’s game seems to come from those powerful thighs that both ground her and launch her, depending on what she needs in that moment. There’s a lot to admire in Angie’s physique and style, and we hope you enjoy this latest series of photos.

ETA: We’ve been upgrading the site to celebrate our 5-year anniversary, so we’ve enhanced our galleries for mobile and added some new photos to the existing collections. As always, we do recommend a larger screen to fully appreciate the photos, but we hope the mobile site works well for you, too! Just ↓scroll down↓ to view Angie’s pics.

Click on any pic to start the SLIDESHOW. Let us know which shot is your favorite!

PHOTOS: c2013 Valerie David for

Poem Excerpt from: “Our Waitress’s Marvelous Legs” by Grace Bauer.

Edited: 7/2017

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