Ice Bath Pictures — The Four Categories of Freezin’ Your Freakin’ Buns Off

Roger Federer Tommy Haas ice bath pictures

We’re not sure exactly when pics of tennis players in ice baths became a thing, but we do know that since 2013, our hot-peeps-in-frigid-pools compilations have been some of our most popular posts. So in the spirit of giving the […]

The Night Session Webcast Pilot — Wimbledon Preview, Stan Wawrinka Naked, The Return of Tommy Haas, and More!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of THE NIGHT SESSION webcast. The Traveling Fangirl Courtney Massey joins Tennis Inside Out’s Valerie David for some NSFW musings on the Wimbledon draw, Stan Wawrinka naked, the return of Tommy Haas, the latest bromances […]

The Full Tommy

There are some basic things that all tennis fans know, like the rules of the game, or who the top players are. But then there are subtler things fans are familiar with, like how Rafa arranges his water bottles, or […]

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