David Nalbandian Retires — Honorary PicSpam + Video

David Nalbandian Cincinnati Masters Western and Southern Open serve red orange shirt photos pictures images screencaps
David Nalbandian, Cincinnati Masters, 2011

At an October press conference, David Nalbandian announced his retirement from professional tennis. Though it was not surprising, considering his recent extensive surgeries, many were still sorry to have their hopes dashed of a final run at Davis Cup glory for the Argentinian player

After his press conference, David tweeted confirmation of his farewell from tennis, though fans will still get a chance to see him play an exo with Rafael Nadal in November.

As a nod to his extensive tennis career, we thought we’d do a little picspam in honor of the 31-year-old, former World #3 and Masters Cup (now World Tour Finals) winner.

David Nalbandian profile holding tennis ball Cincinnati Open photos

Seeing David Nalbandian play live, you may at first notice the striking profile, or the curly blonde mullet, or the intense passion he brings to the court. But when he played his best, the impression you left with was of his incredible skill at tennis, the admirable variety of his shots in speed, power, placement, and just plain creativity.

While Nalbandian’s level of play grew more erratic in recent years, there were still chances to see him work his magic. What I loved most was how intuitive he could be–how he could speed his way all around the court and, without any hesitation, anticipate exactly where his opponent would hit the ball and get himself into position to hit a wicked volley, smash, or winner down the line. All great players anticipate, but Nalby’s smooth counterattacks often seemed practically psychic.

Here he is at his victorious year’s end in 2005, doing a duel and a dance of tennis with Roger Federer:


At the 2012 Cincinnati Open, we had the pleasure of seeing Nalbandian take on another master of all-court tennis, Tommy Haas. The match was full of ups-and-downs, shifts in momentum, and a hot mess of brilliance mixed in with crazy errors. Though Nalby eventually fell to his five-time nemesis, 6-7(0), 7-6(4), 6-3, it was a wild, exciting match with plenty of great Nalby tennis to admire.

Nalbandian backhand Nalby Cincinnati Open swing racquet tennis ball pictures
*Click* the pics for larger versions.

Running forehand David Nalbandian retiring Cincinnati Open tennis

Nalby forehand follow-through David Nalbandian Cincinnati Masters 2012 Haas match

Serve toss David Nalbandian pictures photos tennis whites 80s squiggle multicolor shirt

David Nalbandian elegant arch serve ball toss racquet pictures Cincinnati Western and Southern Open 2012 photos

David Nalbandian running forehand swing white headband

Nalby racquet adjusting strings close-up

David forehand follow-through tennis court Cincy

David Nalbandian waiting for smash volley at net Cincinnati Open Masters match Haas 2012 pictures photos

Running forehand Daveed NalbandianAnd of course, it wouldn’t be a Nalbandian match without disputing a line call…

David Nalbandian scrutinizing disputing arguing line call serve hands on hips Cincinnati Open Haas match 2012

…and arguing with the umpire about it on the changeover…

David Nalbandian arguing discussing with umpire on break changeover Cincy tennis photos pictures screencaps

And yes, Daveed, we are staring at you and your blonde, peach-fuzz facial hair. 🙂

David Nalbandian adjusting headband sitting down on changeover break

A warm handshake after the battle on the court.

Tommy Haas David Nalbandian handshake hand clasp at net Cincinnati Masters Cincy 2012 photos

Here are highlights from the match…so many winners…

Of course we have to give a nod to David at Davis Cup, where he devotedly played his best tennis and did whatever he could to try and get a victory for Argentina. Here we have his celebratory hugs with partner Eduardo Schwank and teammate Juan Monaco, after Nalbandian and Schwank scored a doubles victory over Lopez and Verdasco of Spain in December 2011.

David Nalbandian Eduardo Schwank Argentina Davis Cup Spain victory hug 2011 December pictures screencpas photos

Juan Monaco Davis Cup victory hug with David Nalbandian doubles over Spain pics

We leave you with this, Nalby as US Open Junior Champ in 1998, where he beat Fed in the final.


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PHOTOS: c2012, 2011 Valerie David for TennisInsideOut.com. Davis Cup 2011 screencaps, fair use.

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