Ice Bath Pictures — The Four Categories of Freezin’ Your Freakin’ Buns Off

Roger Federer Tommy Haas ice bath pictures

We’re not sure exactly when pics of tennis players in ice baths became a thing, but we do know that since 2013, our hot-peeps-in-frigid-pools compilations have been some of our most popular posts. So in the spirit of giving the people what they most desire (said in best, deliciously seductive Lucifer Morningstar voice), we’ve decided to bring you more of these fabulous frosty photos, kindly offered up to the Universe by the players themselves.

While putting this collection together, it occurred to us that ice bath pics can fall into four different categories, which you will see below. Sometimes these categories overlap. Sometimes you may disagree with our categorization. Sometimes you may completely ignore anything we’ve written here and just skip to the naked flesh. We get it.

Anyway, as we were saying, people react in different ways to plunging part or all of their pushed-to-exhaustion bodies into an impossibly freezing tub of water, which is maybe what makes these images so fascinating–or maybe it’s just the naked flesh. On that note, let’s move on to category numero uno:

1. Super Freakin’ Uncomfortable — We’ll begin with what we consider the most natural reaction to the combo of extreme temperature shifts and being in your skivvies when this awful thing happens to you.

For our first photo, we have Tommy Haas, who is clearly not enjoying his dip in these icy waters. And yet…we can still enjoy Herr Haas’ super fine back muscles while we giggle incessantly over that last hashtag there….

Hunched-up shoulders? Check. Clenched fists? Check. Gritted teeth biting down on an “EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Check check check. Taro Daniel is gonna have goosebumps for days after this, people.

Greek teen and budding ATP heartthrob Stefanos Tsitsipas can’t feel his arm, but he’s got a definite feel for PR. Despite the slightly maniacal laugh-through-the-agony grin he’s got going on here, he’s clearly taking the opportunity to show off his buff bod’ to his ever-increasing fanbase on Twitter. He’s so suffering for his art, y’all. You must love him.

We’re counting Stan Wawrinka as uncomfortable, since we don’t get much more than these kinds of leg shots after he possibly revealed more than he intended with his first-ever ice bath pic a few years ago. At least show us a little thigh, dude.

Check out this group of frozen zombies. Rafael Nadal apparently believes in “misery loves company.”

Pookie looks a bit spooky… We’re still not entirely sure how these cryo-chambers work — other than boasting of inhumane temperatures while encircling the player in some creepy-ass fog.

Hey, it’s Big Kev in a Little Tub! Don’t be fooled by that thumbs-up sign. Look closely and you can see Anderson is gritting his teeth, has a bit of Crazy Eye going, and it appears his standing-on-end hair is desperately trying to flee the ice bath.

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Meanwhile, Serbian tennis player Dusan Lajovic is the definition of mixed emotions–and we’re not even sure what they’re a mix of. Perplexed? Terrified? Questioning his life choices?

Ice bath timeee… #SW19 #wimbledon Filip pola covek pola what’s app

A post shared by Dusan Lajovic (@dutzee) on

Heck with that slow torture route. Borna Coric believes in tackling cold water with the all-at-once approach…and a pained grunt that sounds just as porny as his on-court noises. And no we’re not complaining.

Napredak je ocit

A post shared by Borna Coric (@bornacoric) on

Frenchie Johan Tatlot is going for the I’m-so-tough-this-doesn’t-bother-me-at-all. We think we see tears in his eyes, though, let’s be real. He’s screaming on the inside.

(P.S. A special shout-out to Jimmy @hotdog6969 for answering our call for ice bath pics. Val really appreciates him being a steady supplier of her drug of choice.)

2. Inexplicably Happy — We’ve seen some tense and crazy grins already, but these folks are in a different league. They somehow manage to look like they’re having a good time whilst freezing their nuts off. Maybe Inner Peace is what happens when you lose all feeling in your extremities.

John Peers and Sam Groth are telling us this ice bath part is #NotFun, but we’re not really believing them…

Fernando Verdasco doesn’t just look happy, he seems insanely proud of braving the frigid waters of India. Or maybe he’s proud of all that time he’s clearly spent in the gym. Hubba hubba.

We revisit Stefanos Tsitsipas as he takes on the creepy-cryo machine and seems fairly chill about hanging out in -196 degree temps.

This one could rightly go into the category coming up next, but there is no arguing against how f’in happy Andy Murray is here. As he implies, hoisting up a Wimby trophy can make even frostbite on the family jewels seem irrelevant.

Meanwhile, Mikael Ymer is feeling no pain as the coolness of hanging out with one of the world’s best ever players far overrides the coldness of the water. Consensus is that’s young Aussie Omar Jasika also enjoying the numbing brush with Greatness.

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As we saw with Andy up above, winning changes everything, even the searing cold of an ice bath. Here is Pierre-Hugues Herbert, seriously loving life after doing well on court.

To no one’s surprise, Pierre is even happier when he’s with doubles partner and BFF Nicolas Mahut.

PHH is even more delighted when he’s in close quarters with Nico. We really do love The French and their complete lack of personal space issues.

(CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ICE BATH PICS ON PAGE 2 — Be ready for both laughter and hotness!)

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