Ice Baths, Rubber Duckies, and Sexy Male Tennis Players — All the Pics (NSFW)

Ryan Harrison American tennis player bath pictures rubber ducky photos naked nude wet shirtless tub
Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Hot Man In a Tub

With the sudden influx of tantalizing ice bath photos our favorite tennis players have been tweeting during Roland Garros, and the requests by some of our saucy Twitter followers that we add a Nekkid Hotties section on our blog, I felt inspired to put together this bathing pic compilation. Because there’s nothing more annoying than trying to find those photos of sexy naked men that you KNOW you saw, but are buried under a mound of favorites and your 35,000 cat meme tweets.

So bookmark this post, and then you can come back any time and drool over whichever naked and near-naked men you prefer. Which may be all of them, and to that I say, good for you! You’ve got the right idea.

(When you’re done, check out our 2nd batch of Ice Bath Pics!)

1. Ryan Harrison: That’s him, the cutie at the top of this post. The American tennis boy toy with the deliciously deep voice RT’ed this adorable and alluring photo with an amusing amendment:

@ryanharrison92 Everyone loves a rubber ducky RT @Tresdavis3: Ryan in the cold tub with his bath toys.

We do, Ryan, we do! And we have rather fond thoughts about the dude holding the ducky as well. And I feel like I’ve just created some sort of perverted metaphor out of “holding the ducky.”

(View the original tweet.)

2. Stanislas Wawrinka: The Swiss tennis player with the laser-shot one-handed backhand is officially Made of Win on Twitter, where he revels in his enchanting, quirky sense of humor and riles up his fans with revealing ice bath photos:

Stanislas Stan Wawrinka naked nude ice bath water tub photos underpants underwear  penis bulge photos pictures images screencaps black and white bathroom
“C est froid… Très froid!!! Mais bon pour la récupération….” 

All we can say is if this is what Stan looks like when he’s cold…nay, very cold…then we are quite impressed. Stan definitely is The Man. (Link to original tweet.)

The Swiss star also tweeted a follow-up pic of his coach, lurking nearby and…eating pancakes. We can’t decide if this sounds more like a scene from an Ingmar Bergman film or the set-up to a low-budget porn.

And perhaps because he hadn’t expected quite the outpouring of inappropriate comments like the one above, or hadn’t realized how much cell phone pics, erm, expand online,  Stanley suddenly got shy when tweeting his next ice bath photo.

Stan Wawrinka bare knees ice bath photos pics
“Recup dans le bain froid…”

Not the same, Stan, not the same at all.

3. Blaz Kavcic: The man I now fondly refer to as My Slovenian Sausage, Blaz kicked off the recent surge of nudie pics during the height of the clay season. If you’re not familiar with the feisty 26-year-old player, you might remember a little five-hour match in the searing heat at the Australian Open 2013 against Aussie James Duckworth. Blaz and Ducky (not to be confused with Ryan’s ducky) both suffered from the strain of the match, and the Slovenian’s IV hook-up led to this memorable photo.

Keeping up his Slam trend of battling Duckworth and sharing interesting photos, Blaz gained himself a bunch of new followers when this lovely naked ice bath portrait made the Twitter rounds after his RG straight sets victory over his AO nemesis:

Blaz Kavcic ice bath naked shirtless nude bare-chested hips legs cold shivering ice bath Roland Garros French Open pics thighs abs happy trail spiky hair pictures photos
“It was easier to play for 2h than to be in this cold water for 8min…;) i am very happy with my game!!!vamoo”

This immediately brings to mind an old Duran Duran interview, wherein they talked about their instruments and slyly joked about drummer Roger Taylor: “He needs two hands for his!”

(View original Blaz tweet.)

4. Fabio Fognini: This delightful Italian tennis showman has never been afraid of celebrating his spectacular body, including dropping his towel for the cameras. Not to be outdone by Stripper Blaz, Fognini decided to pose in the ice bath after his four-set victory over Lukas Rosol at Roland Garros:

Fabio Fognini goofy ice bath photo naked abs shoulders hips muscles nude sexy hot wet photos images pictures(Original tweet.)

5. Viktor Troicki, with guest appearances by shirtless Novak Djokovic and Janko Tipsarevic. It’s not just an ice bath photo, it’s a WHOLE VIDEO. The Serbian boys have fun with this latest installment of Tipsy Time, and you can have fun trying to pause it on the “private areas.”

7. Benoit Paire and Stan Wawrinka, aka #Wawaire: These doubles partners and BFFs have fast become one of the tour’s favorite bromances. The best part is that they seem to enjoy promoting said bromance on Twitter and FB. Continuing to take part in Roland Garros: The Ice Bath Edition, these two tweeted ice bath pics…of each other.

Benoit Paire ice bath tweet shirtless bare flesh naked coach tub water cold pictures photos Stan ice  bath tweet by Benoit RG 2013

Apparently these two share everything now, including bath water.

(Original Stan tweet and Benoit tweet.)

8. Bonus pics: If you poke around the Internet, you’ll find some more yummy bath pics of tennis players, which is clearly the reason the Internet was invented after all.

Sam Querrey:

Sam Querrey ice bath ice cubes shorts shirtless pictures USO 2009

Tomas Berdych:

Tomas Tom Berdych ice bath shirtless abs shoulders Apollo's belt sexy naked photos images picturesAndy Murray, Matt Little, Miles Maclagan, and Ross Hutchins:

Andy Murray abs ice bath picsHere’s another cute one with Andy.

And…Arnaud Clément:

Arnaud Clement ice bath pictures black underwear underpants pants muscles hair

So, who is your favorite? You might want to hold that opinion until next week. Roland Garros isn’t over yet, so there’s still time for new and glorious nekkid ice bath pics from as-yet-unseen players.

Oh, and I suppose I’d better add: Dear lovely gentlemen, we promise we love your tennis, too. 🙂

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