Roger Federer Is Hot

Go ahead. *Click* me.

I see that headline has sucked you in. Let me explain. It’s summertime in Cincinnati, the sun is blazing, and Rog is practicing. So, of course, he’s hot. I was talking about the temperature, what were you thinking?

Okay, okay, you got me. If J.D. and I have learned anything about blogging, it’s this: Give the people what they want. has its share of Fed fans who find the Swiss player hella sexy, so here we are. J.D. has covered his eyes again and I’m bringing you hot, sweaty, and sexy Roger. (If the Maestro’s not your man, you can always check out shirtless Tommy Haas and Philipp Kohlschreiber.)

As usual, you can *click* the pics for larger versions.

Roger Federer hot sweaty white see-through tee t-shirt racquet sexy pictures photos imagesFederer always has a knack for looking cool as a cucumber during a match, and fans, players, and commentators often marvel at how the man doesn’t seem to break a sweat. During matches, he strikes a sensual pose and gently blots his face with his wristband.

Roger Federer Cincinnati Open match photos by Valerie David Roger Federer hot sexy sweaty wiping face pose images picturesRoger Federer Western and Southern Open hot sexy sweaty wiping face wrist band racquet green court photos images pictures

See Rog in practice, however, and you’ll soon discover the man does indeed perspire after a good workout.

Cincinnati Open 2012 practice photo by Valerie David Roger Federer sweaty white tee t-shirt backhand stretch pictures images tennis ballAnd render white T-shirts see-through. Not that we’re looking or anything.

Roger Federer sexy hot gorgeous sweaty white shirt racquet tennis ball stare photos pictures images screencaps
I’m too sexy for my shirt…my paper-thin, size-too-small, sweaty shirt.

Rog practicing his Blue Steel there, apparently.

He caresses his face with a wrist band at practice as well…

Roger Federer Cincy practice hot sweaty pictures photosSweaty, clingy clothes tend to highlight a player’s entire body. Which, let’s be honest, is the whole reason a lot of people are hanging over the fences at practices in the first place.

Roger Federer practice racquet clingy sweaty clothes hot sexy ass bum butt backside curves arse pictures photos imagesAt this Cincinnati practice in 2012, Roger had fans mesmerized while he tied on his headband. Somehow he made that some sort of sensual, intimate act, perhaps because of the long, graceful fingers and the delicate touch. But really, that is so not what you’re looking at in this picture, right?

Roger Federer Rog Swiss tying headband curls curly hair white tee shirts beautiful sexy hot ass arse bum behind pictures photos imagesPresented without comment. Ahem.

Roger Federer leaning on net post hot sexy white t-shirt navy shorts perfect ass arse bum butt hands on hips photos pictures images screencapsUh-oh. Looks like we’ve been caught.

Roger Federer hands on hips sexy pose Severin Luthi bum butt ass pictures photos
All right, that’s enough, now. Quit staring at my…wait a minute, you’re staring at Sev’s ass right now, aren’t you?

Sorry, Roger. We promise we love your tennis, too.
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PHOTOS: c2012 Valerie David at

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4 thoughts on “Roger Federer Is Hot

    1. Hah, you would think!! Apparently he doesn’t want to be blinded by all the fan’s flash cameras if he takes his shirt off. 🙂

  1. OMG, that left side stand out bun as he tied his bandana,am‎​​ so taking that image to bed! He has the perfect ass!!! Ehem..
    BTW Val you have the perfect phrases for those pics!haha! Hope JD doesn’t get jealous much!

    1. Haha, I am lucky, Glory, JD is very understanding! And yes, that bandana pic is my favorite. Rafa usually gets all the love for his curves, but Rog deserves some squees as well. 🙂

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