VLiNG Sales Skyrocket Thanks to Shirtless Tommy Haas

Hello, Tommy Haas. Welcome to the VLiNG Party Deck at the Cincinnati Open. For those of you who don’t know, Cincy has several practice courts where fans and pervs alike can watch their favorite pro players. You can often get within touching distance of these tennis giants, whom you normally only witness from a stadium seat a lot farther away. With the practice courts, you get to cling to the chain link fence like a rabid circus-goer, staring way too openly at the poor dude or lady who is trying very hard to ignore all the creepy gawking and unsolicited tennis advice as they go about their day’s work.

The Western and Southern Open in Cincy has embraced the practice court voyeurism with vigorous enthusiasm, and commercialism. Enter the VLiNG Party Deck, which is pretty much just as it sounds. There’s an actual deck, set up with chairs and umbrellas, like you’re chilling out in your backyard with friends. There’s also a “hydration station,” where you can get liquored up while you ogle the main attraction on your lawn, i.e., the tennis player booked for that practice session.

Vling party deck Cincinnati Open tennis balls table white couches pictures photos imagesYes, that’s right. If you’re too tired, or too drunk, to prop yourself up at a patio table, the “hydration station” has a handy set of white couches to crash out on. Very nice, clean modern lines, which no doubt didn’t look that clean after the 10 day tourney. Next time, go for a print fabric maybe? Love the tennis ball table, though the edges may be a bit sharp for tender shins.

But we digress. Our very lovely Rafael Nadal has been quite popular in the past at the Cincy tourney for playing shirtless during practice sessions. This year, Tommy Haas apparently decided to do his best to fill Rafa’s tiny shoes and lure a few fans in for a taste of German hotness. If the tourney booked him for the Party Deck intentionally, they got rewarded for their perceptiveness.

As we passed the gathering crowd on Court 15, my peripheral vision noted there were two shirtless men practicing there. Ho hum, seen it all before. “I think it’s Tommy Haas,” J.D. noted. I careened wildly over to the staircase and bounded up onto the party deck before you could say HubbaHubba three times fast.

shirtless Tommy Haas Vling party deck umbrella topless practice Cincinnati Open photos pictures imagesNot a bad view from the deck, eh? Cincy wisely lures people in with umbrellas to shield you from the burning sun, as well as fans and misters to cool you off. At least you can blame all that overheating on the sun, as you ogle the main attraction.

Tommy Haas stare shirtless naked practice Western and Southern Open photos CincyTommy seems to be wondering why people are taking pictures of him. Clearly he does not own a mirror.

Tommy Haas shirtless stretch forehand tennis ball practice Cincinnati Open picturesNot too shabby for the Old Man of the tour, eh? Here are some more perving action shots:

Tommy Haas FH swing shirtless hat Cincinnati Open pictures naked     Tommy Haas shirtless backhand set-up bare back practice images Western and Southern Open photos     Tommy Haas backhand swing tennis ball shirtless topless practice Cincy 2012

German tennis player Tommy Haas shirtless backwards hat naked practice court Cincinnati Open pictures photos     Tommy Haas forehand set-up lining up practice court shirtless pictures Western and Souther Open 2012     Tommy Haas forehand swing shirtless topless racquet backwards hat practice Cincinnati photos pictures

As the throng continued to swell, and Tommy got even sweatier and more awesome, people started stumbling to the hydration station–to quench their thirst after their mouths got dry from hanging open for so long. VLiNG mixers, which the makers claim have electrolytes and other good stuff to keep you from passing out as you get loaded, were no doubt selling well that day. The PR peeps even ran over some complimentary cans, sans alcohol, to Tommy and his hitting partner in order to say thanks.

Tommy Haas skeptical what the hell is this look VLiNG party mixers complimentary shirtless player practice Cincinnati Open photos pictures
“What in the hell is this stuff?” Tommy seemed to say…

Notice there was a cute girl involved, perhaps in an effort to encourage Tommy to stay on court. Shirtless. And maybe buy a couple cases of VLiNG for his friends…

Once Tommy left and they cleared out the people hanging from the rafters, or umbrellas, as it were, the VLiNG folks immediately started plotting out possible future party deck boozer bait:

Philipp Kohlschreiber shirtless topless forehand tennis ball practice Cincinnati Open 2012
Perhaps you’d like a little Stoli with your Kohli? Oh wait, that’s brand dilution. Sorry!
Fabio Fognini shirtless topless tan practice Western and Southern Open Cincy photos pictures
Fabio is hot, ridiculously entertaining, and the erratic results of his game can drive anyone to drink…

Let’s not forget the ladies…

Sara Errani sports bra bare midriff shirtless practice Grandstand Cincinnati Open pictures images
J.D. got really close seats on Grandstand for this Sara Errani warm-up session…wonder why???
Cibulkova Hantuchova hug doubles pretty girls tennis Cincinnati Open pictures photos images
Two hot blondes who hug a lot? A no-brainer.
Varvara Lepchenko skirty flying up bootie shot bum upskirt tennis photos pictures Western and Southern Open Cincinnati
J.D. would like to cast a vote for “cheeky” Varvara Lepchenko…

Whatever they decide, we’re guessing VLiNG will be hoping Tommy will oblige them with another shirtless hunk performance next year. Here’s one parting shot for you, the one-handed backhand, for those who like that sort of thing.

Tommy Haas shirtless one-handed backhand topless naked racquet Cincinnati Open tennis practice 2012 photos picturesPHOTOS: Cincinnati, Western and Southern Open practice session photos, c2012 Valerie David, TennisInsideOut.com.

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