Top 10 Reasons Roger Federer Didn’t Win Gold at the Olympics

Roger Federer silver medal Swiss winner white jacket smile pictures photos images screencaps FedMany Roger Federer fans are shocked that the Swiss Maestro has fallen one step shy of that dream gold victory that eluded him in three previous Olympics. Actually, any medal at all had eluded him, so he’s been quick to assure everyone that silver’s not so shabby:

“For me, it’s been a great month. I won Wimbledon, became the world No. 1 again and I got silver. Don’t feel too bad for me.”

As happy as the singles medal winner is for his victory for himself and Switzerland, many fans are still left wondering why Federer couldn’t beat the same dude he just dispatched a few weeks ago. Why he didn’t look like The Mighty Fed we’ve once again grown accustomed to seeing. Why he didn’t seem to have the same energy and motivation he did against DelPotro. Well, wonder no more. Here are:

The Top 10 Reasons Roger Federer Didn’t Win Gold at the Olympics

10. I won a gold trophy last month.

9. First!! I found out Nicola Spirig had won the first gold medal for Switzerland already, so I decided to get the first silver medal.

8. Anna Wintour told me silver was all the rage this season.

7. Once it was clear that Djokovic wasn’t going to get the gold, my work here was done.

6. Didn’t want to keep getting harassed by all those “WE BUY GOLD!!” people who are still trying to get me to melt down my doubles medal for 36 American dollars.

5. I didn’t need the extra points. I knew I was going to be number one at least a few more weeks.

4. I’m tired of all the freakin’ ends of rainbows constantly shining into my skylights at home.

3. I was taught to always be polite to your host.

2. I admit I got distracted. Mirka promised if I won Wimby and Olympic gold I could finally have that threesome with her and Anna Kournikova I’ve always wanted.

I realize now she was only teasing.

Roger Federer Olympics final forehand face tennis ball racquet red Swiss shirt pictures photos images screencaps

And the number one reason Roger Federer didn’t win gold at the Olympics?

1. I wanted to have something to work towards in 2016.

(And maybe I can change Mirka’s mind…)


Congrats to Roger Federer on his silver medal Olympic victory. And if you want to know the serious side of his win for Switzerland, do check out the article on I quoted from. Great stuff from the Swiss master.

PHOTOS: Screencaps of Roger Federer, Olympic men’s singles final and medal ceremony, AP video, 2012. Fair use.

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One thought on “Top 10 Reasons Roger Federer Didn’t Win Gold at the Olympics

  1. i cant believe you didnt put the main reason………..

    its because federer already has a gold from beijing.

    doubles or singles a gold medal is a gold medal.

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