Ice Bath Buddies, Champagne Pools, and Cryogenic Fembots — All the Pics

Benoit Paire ice bath shirtless naked Bjorn Borg underwear pants undies sexy wet French tennis boys photos pictures images

You all loved our first Ice Baths post, so we decided we’d gather up some more of our favorite wet-and-half-naked tennis players for your viewing pleasure. We expanded our search to a few other types of aquatic endeavors, and we’ve even found you some lady bathing beauties, because we’re just that awesome and we care about our readers that much.

Frequent ice bath star Benoit Paire begins our post at top, showing off the muscles, cool shades, and his famously flashy Bjorn Borg underwear. Très Bien-oit!!

Laura Robson freezing pouting face thumbs up red wet t-shirt bare legs ice bath tub water wet hair photos images pictures

Like Benoit, Laura Robson is giving the photog the double thumbs up. We’re not sure if this is the universal gesture for “It’s all good, I can’t feel my legs!” or something more like, “I’m going to use these thumbs to gouge out your eyes ‘Game of Thrones’ style if you make me stay in this tub another second!” We’ll leave it up to your interpretation.

Depending on your tolerance/enjoyment of ice bath torture, you can also check out Laura Robson, Anne Keothavong, and Elena Baltacha in this not-terribly-riveting video:

DelPo-lovers will find this more riveting, I’m sure. The ATP recently let the Tower of Tandil share his favorite photos from the year. He apparently decided to include what is now the fave photo of all his fangirls and fanboys, capturing a dip in the ice bath with lots of bare chest and a hint of hip cleavage. You can click the pic to visit the site and see this lovely Juan Martin del Potro picture in its larger, icier, furrier size.

Juan Martin Del Potro ice bath picture 2013 posted on ATP site 2014 cold water shirtless hairy chest naked abs shoulders pics

Next up, Julia Goerges and Anna Groenefeld show off their strong shoulders, racer-back tanks, and elegantly-posed bare legs as they commune in a pool of serene water.

Julia Goerges Anna Groenefeld ice bath tub cold water hot girls half naked photos pics images

Jules doesn’t seem all that impressed with the experience, and we’re sure a lot of our male readers are now thinking things would have been more exciting if they had been in that pool with the two gals. Uh-huh. Keep dreaming, guys.

And apparently doubles-bathing is a thing now. Here we have swinging Czech bros Lukas Rosol and Radek Stepanek, fist bumping in adjoining pools. We hope all those bubbles are from an actual whirpool machine. Just sayin’.

Lukas Rosol Radek Stepanek ice bath pool together hands touching shirtless bare naked legs cold water pictures images photos tweets

No way the Frenchies are going to be outdone by the Czechs. This tweet has Nicolas Mahut and Julien Benneteau cozying up to each other after a hard day’s work. There’s lots of swirling water, bare flesh, and knee-rubbing. Enjoy!

Nicolas Mahut Julien Benneteau ice bath hot tub pool sexy half naked tennis players wet water photos images pics

Nico is no stranger to tweeting ice bath photos. In the tweet below, he’s talking about silencing rumors, but appears to be starting them by sending his boy-shorts-wearin’ wet self to buddy Stan Wawrinka.

Nicolas Mahut ice bath pic sent to Stanislas Wawrinka Stanimal tight boyshorts underpants shirtless naked cold water hot men in a tub photos images pics

This was, in fact, one of TWO ice bath photos he sent to the Swiss Slam winner. (Val is creeped out by his bizarre expression and sea creature pose in pic two, so she says you can go dig that one up for yourself, if you’re that tempted. Don’t say she didn’t warn you.)

Moving right along, we have Fabio Fognini, who is more clothed than he was in the first Ice Bath Pics post, but still just as ablicious. Here he is, cooling down in a fountain during the inhumanly hot temps at the Australian Open earlier this year. Like ya do.

Fabio Fognini Australian Open fountain bath wet men shirtless muscles sexy tennis players photos pictures images

And next up we have Fab’s special friend Flavia Pennetta, chilling poolside in an awesome patterned swimsuit. She’s giving the thumbs up, so we’re just gonna assume the water’s on the cold side, but we don’t feel that eye-gouging is imminent.

Flavia Pennetta bathing suit grey black print swimsuit bare nude legs swim lanes pool thumbs up smile photos pics images

Umm….speaking of on the cold side, let us all ponder how Eugenie Bouchard is in a tub that’s reading -274F. Okay, let those of us who aren’t busy thinking SHE’S NAKED!!! ponder these blood-freezing temps. Perhaps Genie is a Terminator come back from the future to save women’s tennis….or we can finally explain her perfect beauty by the fact that she is clearly a fembot, impervious to cryogenic chilling chambers.

Eugenie Bouchard ice bath cryo chamber freezing water naked nude bare shoulders photos images pictures

A month later and Genie was combating +274F weather in Australia, so to avoid extremes, I suppose, she merely opted for an ordinarily f***ing cold ice bath.

Eugenie Bouchard ice bath pic pool bathing suit cold water Australian Open recovery 2014 photos

And since you straight men who follow Val on Twitter have suffered shirtless men for so long, we will throw in a little bonus boating photo of pretty Genie in a bikini top and booty shorts. You’re welcome.

Eugenie Bouchard bikini short shorts booty boat pic water cleavage boobs half naked photos images

As long as we’re stretching the ice bath post rules to include “near water,” here’s a shot of Madison Keys in a bikini top and…showing off her booty.

Madison Keys black pink tied bikini swimsuit half naked sexy legs pretty girls photos water images pictures

Val thought to herself, “Who amongst the American guy tennis players might have tweeted an ice bath pic? I bet Rhyne Williams has one.” And lo and behold, she was rewarded for her powers of prediction with nice pecs and clingy white shorts. Huzzah.

Rhyne Williams ice bath cold pool white shorts hat wet sexy shirtless guys bare chest pecs photos American tennis players pictures images

I know “You can leave your hat on” applies to both sex and ice baths, but I think we gotta say ixnay on the ocksay, Rhyne, capiche?

Which brings us to the properly barefooted Grigor Dimitrov, who seems to be delighted by having his nether regions frozen to numbness. That’s when you know you’ve been working hard on the tennis court.

Grigor Dimitrov sexy shirtless naked ice bath cool water pool pictures images photos January 2014 Australian Open smile Baby Fed

Grisha has also apparently heard of the rule that bathing with a buddy is the way to go. This time the Bulgarian and his Scottish friend Andy Murray are in waters so cold that an iceberg appears to have formed behind them. We hope Grigor’s thoughtful expression means he’s going to steer clear of the frozen block and avoid sinking like the Titanic.

Grigor Dimitrov Andy Murray ice bath cold water pool hot tub pics shirtless wet sexy guys Australian Open

Note that the boy formerly known as Baby Fed is giving Andy crap about his grin. Dude, you are so busted, you were grinning yourself just five days ago. Remember: Everything on the Internet is Forever. Except for that really good illegal porn and anything the French Federation of Tennis thinks belongs to them…which might actually include porn.

Australian Open Roger Rasheed tweets photo of Grigor Dimitrov Andy Murray Muzz Grisha Grisho shirtless bath pool pictures pics

Okay, Grigor, you’ve got us. Andy might actually be grinning because he’s got his arm wrapped around a young, shirtless hottie. That photo-bombing guy in the back may be thinking the same thing. And apparently Roger thinks you’re doing it to further your career. Hey, what happens in the ice bath stays in the ice bath, right?

But seriously, if what he says is true, you’ve already got a Slam winner to bathe with:

Maria Sharapova Masha ice bath Madrid win drinking champagne green juice water bare legs photos images pictures

It’s gotta be the power of Masha’s pretty smile and lovely long legs if anyone is distracted from the utter horror of what “green juice” might entail and how disgusting its residue in that cup looks.

Steps and Rosol can learn from this clever girl, though, who has blamed the bubbles in her pool on it being a sexy winner’s champagne bath. Nice one.

Speaking of winners, after Stan Wawrinka’s victory in the Australian Open, Val the drooling fangirl someone asked the Stanimal if he’d reward his breathless fans with an ice bath pic. He very kindly obliged, giving them a flash of bare legs, highlighted by bright white tennis-tan feet and the road rash on his knee from an earlier tumble on the court.

Stanislas Wawrinka bare naked hairy legs ice bath after winning Australian Open sexy knees feet thighs pool water wet photos pics images

Apparently Stanley picked up his cinematic style from Agnieszka Radwanska, who showed off her own pale toes and shapely legs six months earlier. And unlike Grigor or Andy, Aga was not yet feeling the joy of arctic baths.

Agnieszka Radwanska ice bath cold tub bare naked legs feet taped frozen cubes photos images selfies

During the fall tennis swing, Aga tweeted this pic of herself in an icy, unusually-styled bath. We’re not sure if by “getting ready” she means for a tennis match, or for the tasting of the wine she made by crushing grapes in that wooden tub.

Agnieszka Radwanska ice bath wooden wine tub white towel wet naked tennis players photos pics images selfies

We end with a lovely co-ed ice bath pic, where a scantily-clad Aga has found her joy by dragging a half-naked Jason Israelsohn into the excruciating liquid freeze. This just might be better than cheesecake, y’all.

Agnieszka Radwanska physio Jason Israelsohn hot half naked shirtless abs muscles pecs ice bath cold water pool tub photos images pictures

We can’t help wondering how great the risk is that our slender-framed Polish princess will get accidentally snapped like a twig by her built-like-a-brick-wall physio. Now we’re imagining horror movie scenarios where that ever-present shoulder tape is a bad patch job covering up where her arm was sewn back on after he ripped it from its socket…

We’re digressing. Anyhoo, if you enjoyed all the freezing wet goodness, you can visit (or revisit) the original tub thumping post: “Ice Baths, Rubber Duckies, and Sexy Male Tennis Players — All the Pics (NSFW).”

Know of any sexy/creepy/awkward player ice bath pic tweets or FB posts we may have missed? Tweet us @TennisInsideOut and send us the link!

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  1. Nice photos…someone needs to ask Fed nicely if he ever does an ice bath… or I would settle for Deliciano…..

    1. Fed actually does not do the ice baths…I think he even said he just takes a warm shower after matches. We’ll have to see if he does a selfie from there…heh. And I’ll keep an eye out for Feli. 🙂

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