Stanislas Wawrinka — The Beauty of Tennis Series

Stan Wawrinka black and white photos by Valerie David overhead smash Yonex racquet pictures images
He that nought n’assayeth, nought n’acheveth. — Geoffrey Chaucer

In honor of Stan Wawrinka’s birthday, we’ve done a special Beauty of Tennis Series installment, with double the usual amount of black and white photos. As always, we try to give you a glimpse at the intricacies of Stan’s movement and tennis form, as well as creating a visual ode to the man himself.

We always find a bit of poetry to fit our subjects, and this was an interesting challenge for the guy with a Samuel Beckett quote tattooed on his arm. How do you balance the generally odd and morose (and sometimes morosely comic) tone of Beckett? Well, Val chose one of her own favorite writers, Geoffrey Chaucer–who, once you wade through the nearly impenetrable language, brings lots of morbid humor and bawdiness to Middle English literature.

We’ve chosen a pretty straightforward quote to partner Stan’s, as you can see on the pic above. “He that nought n’assayeth, nought n’acheveth” basically translates to “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” We think Stan ventured a lot in the past couple years, in the hard work off the court and in taking spectacular risks on the court, with his aggressive, winner-laden style of tennis. He’s thus gained himself a shiny Australian Open trophy, a high ranking, and lots of new screaming fangirls and boys. Chaucer would be proud. (ETA: Since this was posted, Stan has “acheveth” a French Open title and a US Open trophy as well.)

So here we are, time to ↓scroll down↓ for the photo gallery of Stan the Man. While we do recommend viewing on a larger screen for the best quality, we’ve recently upgraded our gallery to enhance the mobile experience. Enjoy!

Click on any pic to start the SLIDESHOW. Let us know which shot is your favorite!

Want more Stan? Relive his AO win, his victory over the Djoker, and Fedrinka giggles at Indian Wells.

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PHOTOS: c2013 Valerie David for Please do not reuse without permission.

Edited: 7/2017

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2 thoughts on “Stanislas Wawrinka — The Beauty of Tennis Series

  1. Several times clicked through these (or those?) pictures and I thought to myself where are the comments? Those (right?) b/w pics are gorgeous. I like the wet crinkles or wrinkles (omg my english) of the shirt, the movement, the expression, abs (of course) and everything else of Stan Wawrinka. Last but not least: Never ever change the background of your account!
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics and all the little details…I loved putting these together. 🙂 And your English is fine! These/Those is subtle & either works here…”these” is usually more of a “right here in front of me”, like “These guys are blocking my view of the stage” in contrast to “Those guys over at the bar keep staring at me.”

      And haha…it will be tough for me to want to change the background, I assure you. 🙂

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