Twitter Reacts to #Stanimal Victory over the Djoker

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This match was hyped to the high heavens. ESPN had at least two different extended promos for it, with footage from their epic AO match last year and quotes from both Wawrinka and Djokovic about their upcoming EPIC PART DEUX!!!! We got close-ups of Stan’s soulful eyes and slow-mos of Nole ripping his shirt off. Would the Swiss star be sent home in tears again? Would little Stanley slay his Goliath opponent finally?

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Cue the dramatic music!!

Since the guys actually went five sets at the USO as well, surely this must be THE MATCH OF THE TOURNAMENT!!! Anything less wouldn’t do. Even another Swiss player got into the act. You know, that Roger guy, friend and doubles partner of Stan the Man? Or as Rog likes to call him:


No pressure, Stan. Really, no pressure at all. I mean, it’s not like everyone SAYING a match is going to be epic and that you have an excellent chance of causing the upset isn’t the biggest jinx ever. But don’t worry, the pre-glory of the match was soon replaced by Teh Dramaz. There were rumors of a distressing nature…

And then Stan himself posted this:


And fans kinda freaked out. Stanley came out in the match a little bit flat, not going for his shots in that zinging way he does when he’s in the zone. Built to the pinnacles of expectation, Twitter reacted with depression.



Then, as Eddie Izzard would say, someone poked the badger with a spoon. Or something like that. Either way, Stan found his inner Stanimal and started cranking backhand beauties that make entire stadiums gasp and scream in unison. And even ecstasy. Not that I would know anything about that. *eyedart*


Up two sets to one, Twitter was going crazy. Nole fans were tearing at their shirts, and not at what they consider a fun way, and Stan fans were collectively holding their breath, hoping their hero was finally going to scale that Djokovic mountain. Or beat it down to pulp, as it were..


At this crucial time, Twitter was surprised to see Rafael Nadal make an appearance, tweeting a few random thank yous to fans….including Fed fans…

Tweets from top players often cause a stir, and no one wants a stir on their timeline when they’re stressing over every point of another top player’s match.


But let us not debate the dubious motivations of Rafa’s PR team, and instead return to our story.

Ah, where were we? Well, Nole roared and screamed and hit frightening angles and won himself the fourth set. We were going five, once again.



Momentum see-sawed in the 5th, and Stan fans got that pit of dread in their stomach when it looked like Nole was going to break Stan again…



Twitter was out of their minds. There was gasping. And heaving. And lots of virtual wringing of hands. And then, deep into the tense action in the fifth set…we had a bit of an interlude…




It was terrifyingly tense for Stan lovers, let me tell you. That mallet for Djokovic did not seem to be quite big enough. Even Stan’s BFF was shouting,,.



Perhaps strengthened by the collective intensity of Twitter FEELS, Stan held and held, and then there it was…he had his chance at 8-7 in the 5th.

Nole’s volley sailed out and our champion prevailed.






Yes, even me…


And the man who brought us “#Stanimal” was there…

And the men who helped Stan BE #Stanimal…


While everyone cheered, wept, and drank heavily in celebration of Stan’s victory, the man himself was plunged into a recuperative ice bath. We may or may not have asked him to send us a pic. *eyedart*

Let’s just enjoy the icy afterglow awhile, shall we? Until we begin to FREAK OUT over the semis. And what have we learned?



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