Fedrinka Strut, Giggle, and Side-Eye Their Way to Doubles Victory in Round 1 at Indian Wells

Roger Federer Stanislas Wawrinka doubles Indian Wells 2014 Rog grin Stan tongue pictures photos images screencaps

Though the latest Fedrinka match was highly anticipated, fans didn’t have high expectations. After all, the duo doesn’t play together often, has had mixed results of late, and they were facing the formidable Indo-Pak Express, Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi. Plus recent Slam winner Stanley hadn’t played a match since Davis Cup back in January.

Rog and Stan didn’t seem worried about this at all when they took to the court, a fully packed, brand new Stadium 2. Apparently the Maestro had actually requested the lesser court to get a feel for the new digs, the plus side being that they had a full house to boost the energy levels and cheer them on. The two Swiss players were all smiles and swagger in the first set, reveling in each other’s company and the flush of their recent wins.

IW 2014 Stan and Rog doubles Fedrinka chatting smiles grinning between points photos

Roger Federer Stan Wawrinka serve and volley service motion poised at net Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open 2014 pics

The highlights were in Fed’s service games, when he slammed down angled serves or scorchers down the T, and Wawrinka attacked whatever came back with fervor and precision. Stan was the man today, particularly at net, where he seemed to so often have as much time as he wanted to hit the winning shot.

Roger serve Stan doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan volley Roger doubles 1st round IW 2014

There were a few initial mix-ups with their movement on the court, as is often the case with singles players, who have to get used to working with someone else. Stan started to realize he had to keep an eye on Fed, who was going to go wherever the ball was, even if it was through Stan.

Roger volleying in front of Stan doubles 1st round IW 2014

After awhile, Fed started keeping to his half of the court, and the two were doing pretty much everything in sync.

Stan and Roger in unison drinking water bottles 1st round doubles IW 2014

And then there was more happy chatting in French, and a lot of laughter, and a lot of super bromancey, loving looks exchanged.

Stan Rog giggle changeover doubles 1st round IW 2014

Federer Wawrinka Fedrinka bromance loving eyes smiles pictures photos screencaps

Meanwhile, Bopanna and Qureshi were wondering what the hell these two yahoos were doing, beating them this way.

Bopanna Qureshi perplexed changeover doubles Fed Stan match IW 2014

And also perhaps wondering why Fed was getting all these glamour shots in front of the camera…

Roger Federer sexy dark eyes sweaty lilac lavender orchid purple polo white headband tousled curls hot photos pictures images screencaps Indian Wells doubles

Roger Federer sexy hands on hips sweaty chest tongue lips gorgeous photos pictures

And why the camera person was gleefully helping to earn Stan even more fans…

Stan Wawrinka beautiful ass round arse bum curves bent over sexy legs

Things got tougher for Fedrinka in the 2nd set, with the Indo-Pak Express deciding to up their game against these singles players interlopers. The Suisse duo started missing more shots, which meant Federer challenged more, and we all know how that usually turns out.

Fed head scratching over line call challenge Stan doubles 1st round IW 2014
A real head-scratcher… Fed wonders if that ball was out after all…
Rog not pleased with HawkEye results Stan doubles 1st round IW 2014
Of course it was.
Rog contempt snarl HawkEye challenge Stan doubles 1st round IW 2014
Fed snarls his contempt at the whole HawkEye system. (Though my inner 12-year-old wanted to caption this: “Who farted?”)

When it started looking like “Oh crapz, we might LOSE!” the Swiss doubles partners got more serious, including on changeovers. Well, at least Fed got more serious. On one of their final breaks, Stan had the mildly impish look of a man trying to get a reaction out of his friend, with increasing bemusement that he was Totally.Not.Getting.One.

Stan impish 1 Roger doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan impish 2 Fed doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan impish 3 Fed doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan impish 4 Fed doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan looking for Rog reaction doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan impish 5 Fed doubles 1st round IW 2014

Stan impish 6 Fed doubles 1st round IW 2014

One of Stan’s many charms is that expressive face of his, that says so much even when he’s not speaking a word. That was never truer than during their post-match interview, with an emcee that was a little bit overbearing and over-exuberant.

"What the hell are you on?" Stan seemed to say...
“What the hell are you on?” Stan seemed to say…
Stan Wawrinka Fedrinka doubles side eye tongue disbelieving look post match interview Indian Wells 2014
Here it comes…you’re going to ask me about Roger…

Stan exchanges look with Roger Federer doubles match photos pictures fluffy hair smileIt’s a bit blurry, but we just had to share the look Stan shot Roger as he was asked how it felt to be Swiss Number One–right in front of the former Swiss Number One.

“I think you are not the first person to ask me that question,” Stan said, voice tinged with reproach. “I think we can all agree he is the best player ever.” That got a big roar from the Swiss-loving crowd.

Roger Federer adorable smile biting lip tan handsome face orchid purple Nike polo
Rog was then a bit apprehensive about what HE was going to be asked…

Roger Federer giggling smack talk Indian Wells sweaty sexy lavender poloBut he got a chance to giggle over the prospect of rubbing his 78 title wins in McEnroe’s face, since he passed the tennis star’s record at 77.

Stan Wawrinka glaring Roger Federer
Stan remained naturally suspicious…in the distance…

As usual, Roger can take even the craziest interviewer’s questions seriously, and he gave a lengthy answer about why so many singles players do the doubles rounds in Indian Wells. He explained about the comfort in the scheduling, with usually a week a rest before action starts, and how he generally wouldn’t play doubles after he’d come off a long string of tough tournaments. He also said players keep an eye on if anyone else is doing doubles, because “you don’t want to give them the advantage.” So when everyone plays in Indian Wells, it’s all good.

He also said he was happy he and Stan were both playing well and he hoped they’d get the chance to play each other in the quarters.

Stan impish 6 Fed doubles 1st round IW 2014
Maybe that’s what this was all about.
Fed Stan laughing doubles interview 1st round IW 2014
The longtime buddies did get a chance to laugh together again…
Stanley adorable bowed lips fluffy blonde brown hair photos Indian Wells pictures screencaps images
And Stanley got to look all adorable as he was asked about the cool new stadium…

And then it was all over for the Fedrinka-loving fans…

No more hunky poses...
No more hunky poses…
No more handshakes...
No more handshakes…
No more hugs...
No more hugs…

At least until the next round of doubles, anyway.

Screencap of Roger tweet Swiss selfie Stan doubles 1st round IW 2014

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PHOTOS: Screencaps of Indian Wells 1st round doubles, 2014 TennisTV, fair use. Selfie courtesy of Roger Federer, from his Twitter account.

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