Roger and Mirka Federer Let Their Emotions Show at the World Tour Finals 2013

Fed covering face with hand Nole match WTF 2013

Remember those days when Roger Federer had a completely stoic demeanor and his wife Mirka spent most of the match looking at her phone? Well, those days are gone. This week at the World Tour Finals, the Maestro has been letting a lot more show–the frustration, the triumph, the anger, the glee, and the exasperation. Following her hubby’s lead, Mirka has been extra invested, nail-biting and face-palming her way through every game, just like the rest of us Fed fans with dangerously high blood pressure.

Emotions peaked in Fed’s match against DelPotro, with both men competing for the final place in the semis. Neither player had a smooth ride, and the crowd surged, faltered, and fist-pumped along with them as the match stretched to three sets.

We begin our story at the 2nd set TB, where Rog had his last chance to push for a third set. Mirka took a moment to wonder why her husband always seemed to go for the drama.

Fed Mirka 9757

Fed Mirka 9760
Roger found his inner beast. “That’s right, I’m gonna serve this mutha out, beyyy-otches…” he seemed to say.
Fed Mirka 9763
ALLEZ!!! We’re goin’ three!
Fed Mirka 9766
Not impressed. You know she’s thinking: “Down 15-30 to start…if you get broken again, Roger, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.”
Fed Mirka 9769
If looks could kill…well, there’d be an immediate job opening for linesperson duties…
Fed Mirka 9771
“Roger’s down a break…I can’t look…”
Fed Mirka 9772
“Is it hot in here? Or is it just the fact that I’m down 0-3 in the 3rd?”
Fed Mirka 9781
Pretty Mirka…hoping for one more game to even things up.
Fed Mirka 9782
Shouting encouragement to the hubster. Hey, if Uncle Toni can do it…
Fed Mirka 9789
“All I need is an awesome FH drive volley to win this game…”
Fed Mirka 9787

Fed Mirka 9790

Fed Mirka 9786
“Come onnnnn!!”
Fed Mirka 9785
“COME ONNNNN!!!” #fistpump
Fed Mirka 9788
“Yeahhhy!!!” Please avoid another TB…Please avoid another TB…
Fed Mirka 9797
It’s a long rally in the next game, and DelPo decides to get fancy…
Fed Mirka 9810
And we get to see Rog run like the wind…
Fed Mirka 9808
And then he hits some crazy no-look FH over his left shoulder…
Fed Mirka 9821
Fed Mirka 9815
“I just need another fab forehand…”

Fed Mirka 9816

Fed Mirka 9819
“COME ONNNN!!” (‘Member when Rog said he didn’t understand all the fistpumping in the WTA, and that he only did maybe 5 fist pumps in a match at most? Well…you did a hell of a lot more than 5 today, Herr Federer; You are officially the Ana Ivanovic of the ATP.)
Fed Mirka 9822
Coach Sev and Mirka are thrilled. Their man has turned things around.
Fed Mirka 9824
Two minutes later and they are meditating hard…willing Roger to hang on.
Fed Mirka 9828
WTF was that shot?” he seemed to say.
Fed Mirka 9829
Grrrr. It’s time to CRUSH this fuzzy yellow ball.
Fed Mirka 9830
“OMG…break points. Please continue your totally unusual and unexpected trend of being good on BPs this week…eeeeeeek….”
Fed Mirka 9835
“Lemme try that forehand thing again…”

Fed Mirka 9836

Fed Mirka 9837
Fed Mirka 9839
I am awesome. #fistpump
Fed Mirka 9840
“You ARE AWESOME!!” #fistpumps
Fed Mirka 9844
Mirka excitedly slaps Sev on the knee. We’re gettin’ crazy now.
Fed Mirka 9849
“My name is Roger Federer. You took my Basel crown. Prepare to die.”
Fed Mirka 9851
“I swear, just dig out of this damn 15-30 and you won’t have to sleep on the couch…”
Fed Mirka 9852
“Is it hot in here or am I just that close to playing another %$#@! TB???”
Fed Mirka 9856
Fed Mirka 9857
“I love you Juan Martin, but don’t you ever question one of my ‘late’ challenges again.” #AreYouFreakinKiddingMe #IKnowTheRulesDoYouKnowtheRules
Fed Mirka 9862
“Yessss!” #GoMe
Fed Mirka 9863
“I love you, my peeps.”
Fed Mirka 9855
“Mirka says I don’t have to sleep on the couch!!”
Fed Mirka WTF 9865
“Let’s go home, my Big Man. Just remember, I want the Maestro tonight, not the Fed Express.”

And they lived happily ever after. Until this started all over again with the Fedal semis. O_o

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