Fedrinkaberg … Federer, Wawrinka, and Edberg Meet Up on the Practice Courts, with Special Guest, Shirtless Nicolas Mahut.

Nico Mahut Stefan Edberg Roger Federer chat practice Cincinnati Open 2014

Midway through the Western and Southern Open, and midway through a Dimitrov/Janowicz match, we hopped over to the crowded Court 15 for a peek at Roger Federer’s practice and a meeting we hoped to capture on film for you all. Fed was just finishing up when we arrived, and having a chat with coach Stefan Edberg and practice partner Nicolas Mahut.

Then some other Swiss dude made his grand entrance…

Stan Wawrinka Yonex racquets

Not sure what was up with Stan Wawrinka this week, but I saw two practices where he arrived without a bag, just holding all his racquets and other supplies in his arms. Surely this can’t be an easier way to travel to and from the practice courts.

Be sure to *CLICK* on the pics for bigger versions, you’ll see the facial expressions better that way.

Stefan Edberg Roger Federer Stanislas Wawrinka practice meeting Cincy 2014

Stan greets Roger and Stefan…

Edberg Federer Wawrinka chat together Western and Southern Open

There may have been some friendly razzing banter…we’d like to think that Rog asked Stanley where his “Stan the Man” shirt was…heh…

Fedrinka Federinka practice Cincinnati Roger Stan Fedrinka Federer Wawrinka

Let us stop and be amused in the next picture by Rog’s crazy hat hair…

Federer Wawrinka Fedrinka laughs funny hat hair photos pics images

Rog himself is amused as he wipes his face on his sleeve… #SuchADude

Stan Fed amused Rog wiping sweat armpit

And Stan still seems to be enjoying the jokes as he wanders over to drop off his pile of stuff…

Stanislas Stan the Man Wawrinka towels racquets Yonex gear Cincinnati Masters photos Stan Wawrinka smile chair towels racquets laugh with Federer Stanley smile Yonex shirt Cincy practice 2014

Rog shares a few more laughs with Stefan…

Stefan Edberg Roger Federer grin chat talk practice Western and Southern Open Cincinnati photos

And then the two share a quiet moment as Stefan checks his phone…

Quiet Rog Edberg on phone

Meanwhile, Stan is depriving everyone of a nice view by keeping his back to the wall as he arranges stuff on the ground. #WhereIsYourBagStan

Stan Wawrinka bent over reaching down for racquets wristbands gear racket towel practice Federer Cincy

While we were distracted, Rog somehow manged to get his curls mostly back in order…

Roger Federer curls sweaty Nike t-shirt

Stan comes back over to see what’s going on. Rog is checking for a clean spot on his shirt to wipe his face in. Again.

Roger Stefan Stephane Vivier Stan chat practice Cincinnati


Stan Wawrinka nice ass hot butt curves funny exercises leg lifts Stefan Edberg side eye tongue practice Cincinnati
Yes, Stefan, that’s the same reaction we all have to Stan doing things like that…

Stefan does seem a bit bemused by Stan and his stretching…

Stan Wawrinka Stefan Edberg smiles and side-eye exercises holding the net Stanislas Wawrinka Stefan Edberg bemused glance exercises Cincy practice

And now Stan is bouncing while listening in on the chat amongst the others…

Nico Mahut Stephane Vivier Stefan Edberg Stan Wawrinka chat practice photos pics images Western and Southern Open

And doing side bends with his racquet…

Stephane Vivier gesture Stefan Edberg Stan Wawrinka stretching exercises Fedrinka practice Cincinnati Mahut Vivier Federer Wawrinka

Stan wanders back and forth…

Sweet smiling Stan Yonex gray shirt Cincy practice 2014

Stan’s back to chat with Fed, now doing squats…or something…

Stan Wawrinka bouncing exercises Roger Federer staring look photos Cincy

Rog stares at him…then…

Stephane Vivier Roger Federer Stanislas Wawrinka wristband whit shorts hat chat talk laugh practice Cincinnati
“No, no, Stephane, I’ve got this…”
Federer stare Wawrinka crouched down kneeling behind net practice
“Stan…..what in the hell are you doing down there?”

And that is all, dear friends. Stan put all that stretching to good use on the practice courts with Nico, and Federer and his team headed off to their next appointment.

Stan Wawrinka backhand practice with Nico Cincinnati Masters US Open series Yonex shirt photos pics

Nicolas Mahut practice with Stan Wawrinka forehand shirtless photos pics Cincinnati US Open

Roger Federer Nike shirt white hat Cincinnati Open practice

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    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed! Stan has some of the best facial expressions, love to catch all the ones I can. 🙂

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