Roger Federer, aka Dorkerer, has fun on the Cincinnati Champions Balcony

Roger Federer balcony trophy Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters grin win victory photos pics images

The tradition at the Western and Southern Open, Cincinnati Masters, is for the men’s and women’s champions to appear on the champions’ balcony with their newly acquired trophy. They wave to the crowd of gathered fans below, everyone takes a million pictures, and everybody goes home happy.

At the 2012 event, Rog was so excited to greet his fans that he ran out without the trophy and just waved like crazy. In 2014, he was more prepared. In fact, he had a whole routine ready, giving his audience a mini-stand-up routine as he basked in his moment of glory.

Roger Federer wave balcony

Like 2012, Rog walked out and just gave us all a wave of greeting.

Roger Federer trophy champions balcony

Then it was, “Oh, hey, what’s this I’m holding?”

Rog Fed trophy joking funny face pictures

“Hey look, it’s a really big trophy!”

Roger Federer grinning holding trophy balcony Cincinnati masters win


*crazy applause from the crowd*

Roger Federer pretending to drop trophy over balcony Cincinnati win champion

Then Rog made as if he was going to drop the trophy over the edge of the champions’ balcony…

*crowd gasps*

Roger Federer grinning holding trophy

Just kidding…LOL.

Roger champions balcony wave Cincy

Roger then waved again to the fans gathered all around, including those clustered on the stadium stair landings to his right.

Then it was time to pose for pictures in front of the assembled crowd, so he turned around to pose. Then…

Roger Federer balcony joking around miming tossing trophy listening to crowd roar photos pictures

Rog abruptly whipped around, playing peekaboo with the crowd, getting them to roar each time he did it.

Roger Federer goofing off champions balcony

“I can’t hear youuuu….”

*crowd roars even louder*

Roger Federer Western and Southern Open champions balcony amused smile

We’re all amused, Rog has amused himself, it’s possibly the best champions’ balcony moment ever…

Roger Federer trophy wave

And then, all the zaniness out of the way, Roger hugs his hard-won trophy and thanks the crowd for their love.

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