Top 10 Reasons Rafael Nadal Withdrew from the 2014 US Open

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A week before the 2014 US Open, defending champ Rafael Nadal withdrew from the tournament, citing a right wrist injury. He had already missed Toronto and Cincy, titles he had also won in 2013. That’s him up above on the Western and Southern Open champions’ balcony last year, giving the thumbs-up to cheering fans. We do not think that celebratory gesture is how he initially sustained his injury………though J.D. did work with a guy who reignited a serious shoulder injury by flipping the little lever on the water cooler, so hey, anything’s possible.

Of course you know we here at Tennis Inside Out love to ponder player match/tourney withdrawals, and this momentous occasion is no exception. So we present to you, from Rafa’s point of view:

The Top 10 (Real) Reasons Rafael Nadal Withdrew from the 2014 US Open:

10. Roger Federer is the greatest ever and I wanted him to have one more opportunity at a Slam title. My fans will say it doesn’t count because he didn’t beat me, so is okay if he wins. 🙂

9. My travel passport expired, so I could not go to North America, and it was too embarrassing to explain. Better to have very manly sports injury problem.

8. It is too windy on Arthur Ashe, it is impossible to keep my hair in place, and I don’t want to hear all the bitchy comments about it. And you all complain if I use hair gel.

Rafael Nadal yellow shirt headband jacket fluffy crazy hair pics
This is your hair………………………….and THIS is your hair on Arthur Ashe…

7. When I said “For me, beach,” I really meant it. I still have not got through all the free pairs of pink shorts Nike sent me…

Rafael Nadal tweets picture water shirtless pink shorts trunks bathing suit swimming photos

6. Okay, I confess. I did not want to run into Roger at the USO. Like…ever. I will let Nole and Andy and Stan deal with that shit.

5. Actually, I was told the USO was “Andy’s Place” from a reliable source, and none of us “would ever do crap there”. So why waste my time?

4. I found out Redfoo wore my US Open kit to a “Dress As Your Favorite ’80s Paula Abdul Video Back-Up Dancer” party, and since Nike won’t let me out of my contract, I will avoid the fashion faux pas of a spoiled outfit debut by staying at home.

Rafa Nadal sleeveless US Open USO outfit blue and pink photos pictures biceps

3. I really am just working on my grass game with my friends. Well, Pico said something about smoking the competition on grass, so I assume that’s what he meant. His English is not so good.

2. Let us be real, I can make a lot more money in two weeks at my other job.

Rafa Nadal tweets poker game photo

And the Number One Reason that Rafael Nadal Withdrew from the 2014 US Open?

1. I hurt my wrist practicing…….um….by myself. I am right-handed, you know.

Rafa Nadal injured right wrist brace hand cast photos pics

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Top 10 Reasons Rafael Nadal Would Retire from a Match

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  1. Haha! #1 is the best! 😉 Sometimes it’s just a bit too easy to poke fun at Rafa, with affection, of course. 🙂

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