Rafa Nadal: How I Spent My 6-Month Hiatus

Started a barbershop quartet. You can tell by my shirt I am the lead.

Tennis fans are well aware that Rafael Nadal has been absent from tennis ever since his surprise early loss in Wimbledon in June, due to a serious knee injury. As the months have stretched, followers of his Facebook and Twitter accounts have gotten an entertaining story of how the Spaniard has been keeping himself busy during his rehabilitation. Highlights include photos with other tennis stars and totally innocent gym workout photos taken from inadvertently provocative angles (ahem). We’ve also learned that the dude seriously needs a high-speed camera and some instruction in Red-Eye removal in Photoshop.

In any case, if you haven’t been able to catch up on every tweet, and the evidence that the Clay Court King is completely and utterly bored out of his skull, Rafa has helpfully provided us with his own Top 10 List:

How I Spent My Summer Vacation 6-Month Hiatus

Rafael Rafa Nadal Juan Pico Monaco pink red shirts embrace hug vacation photos pictures images

1. Got drunk in Vegas and accidentally married Pico. He refuses to sign the annulment papers.

2. Gorged on gluten so maybe Djokovic will be allergic to me when I return in January. Is worth try, no?

3. Learning to play tennis right-handed. Not a great result, but can still beat Almagro. And Feli. And Nando…

4. Wrote a Broadway play. Titled it “I Left My Knee in Mallorca.” (It IS my left knee, so is play on words, get it?)

Rafael Nadal Rafa tweets picture of post gym hair after workout crazy hairdo

5. Got my hairdresser’s license (See photo above). Am now the Barber of Seville. No really, it’s a very nice town in Spain. Why are you laughing?

6. Picked up three new phobias and five compulsive habits. Needed to change my repertoire.

7. Phone pranks. Sent a picture of my singles gold medal to Roger so he knows what one looks like

8. Learned to play water polo. Only lost seven horses.

9. Worked on new strategies to lengthen time between points.

10. Built an ark. Just in case, to save all my trophies. I don’t have two of each, though, so I had to break into Roger’s house to steal some. Don’t worry, I left him one of my French Open trophies, so his won’t be lonely. 🙂

Rafa Nadal Rafael tweets provocative gym pose on back thigh muscles stretch floor knee photos images pictures
No comment.

Thank you to Rafael Nadal for keeping us in the loop, and for the photos you see here, originally from his Facebook account.

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3 thoughts on “Rafa Nadal: How I Spent My 6-Month Hiatus

  1. LOL seriously with tears running down my cheeks! Laughing so loudly and hard that my daughter can’t figure out what could possibly be that funny especially knowing how sad I’ve been today with Roger’s loss. You have really outdone yourself, Val, and this is a true tennis treasure! Genius!!! Thank you for giving me the best laugh I’ve had in a very long time. Keep up your terrific writing…love it! XO

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Kat, and it could cheer you up today. There’s a lot of J.D. in this one, especially the meaner parts…lol. He is not happy about the inclusion of the gym photo however…haha. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you laughed as much as we did writing it. 🙂

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