Caro, Maria, Roger, and Santa Bunny Meet in Brazil: the Uncensored Story

For some tennis fans, an eleven-month season hasn’t been long enough to satiate their appetites for their favorite stars–hence the success of the off-season exhibition tours. One of the most buzzed about in 2012 is the Gillette Federer Tour in South America, which aside from the Maestro, includes big names like Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki. The two ladies sparred on Friday, December 7, and while it wasn’t a laugh-a-minute, there were a fair amount of amusing and surreal moments to treasure.

Let’s relive it together, as Wozza comes out grinning and Masha comes out swinging…

Brazil Gillette tour Maria Sharapova flying forehand pictures photos screencaps
Maria goes airborne…
Maria Sharapova forehand follow-through Brazil Federer tour pictures photos
…and breaks Caro twice to go up 3-0.
Caroline Wozniacki bewildered photos screencaps Gillette tour Brazil racquet racket
“She knows this is just an exo, right?”
Maria Masha laugh Brazil exhibition pictures photos images
“Haha…she fell for it again…she still doesn’t know I don’t *do* exos, I always play for realz…haha…”

Caro backhand Brazilian exhibition match photos pics

Caroline Wozniacki hard backhand grunt tennis ball blue white skirt photos pictures Brazil

Gillette Brazil tour Maria Sharapova smash flying airborne pics photos images

Wozza still bewildered Caro changeover Brazil tour photos screencaps
“No, seriously, she knows it’s an exo, right?”
Maria stern annoyed Brazil Caro match photos pictures screencaps video
“Push me to 20 minutes just for three games? Fine. I won’t bagel you. How’s that?”
Caro interview plotting Brazil match smile exo photos pictures Masha
“That’s okay. I have other ways of dealing with you.”
Gillette Federer tour Carolin Wozniacki dance mascot blue court photos images pictures screencaps
“Oh look! It’s the tournament mascot, Maria! Let’s dance!”
Maria terror dance with mascot expression scared hysterical Sharapova Masha photos Brazil
“You want ME?” (Oh hellz no, I don’t do that. Nonononono…)
Maria Sharapova Caroline Wozniacki mascot dance Gillette Federer Tour pictures Brazil South America photos
“I can do this, I can. I can be as fun as Ms. Freakin’ Sunshine over there…”
Maria Caro mascot dance Brazil Gillette tour pictures photos screencaps video
“Yeahy…wheee…okay, are we done yet?
Masha Caro mascot dance Brazil Gillette tour funny pictures photos screencaps
“Oh good, now we can just stand here and watch him.”
Maria Caroline mascot dance Brazil Federer tour photos images pics
Distance yourself, Maria. Back away slowly, so they don’t notice until it’s too late…
Caro Gangnam style dance photos pictures Brazil Maria exhibition screencaps
“Look Maria, it’s Gangnam Style…I think…”
Karolina serve toss Brazil photos
“Okay, back to the tennis…”
Brazil tour Caro serve leap pictures
“Now let’s see if my master plan…”
Caro serve follow-through screencaps Brazil
“…is working.”
Maria swing BH Brazil exo pictures
“I can.not.believe.I.danced…”
Sharapova backhand scrunched face intense hit racquet tennis ball Brazil South American photos
“…with a %$#@! mascot!”
Caro laugh smile Brazil tour exhibition
“Ha ha…”
Caroline Wozniacki lining up forehand tennis ball blonde braid photos pictures
“…just as I expected…”
Caro backhand follow-through Gillette Federer tour 2012
“my plan IS working!!”
Wozza backhand Brazil
“Now I can…”
Caroline Wozniacki backhand blue white skirt South America Brazil exo
“…break you.”
Maria Sharapova backhand swing Brazil pictures photos
“And I will…”
Masha backhand tennis ball Brazilian exhibition 2012 screencaps
“…break right back.”
Caroline Wozniacki Woz big stretch backhand on the run Brazil match blue white skirt photos pics screencaps
“AUGH! Why is the crowd so loud?? In the middle of a point here!!!”
Roger Federer blue shirt Gillette tour Brazil South America photos pictures Caro Maria match screencaps video
“So sorry, it’s just me, Roger Federer. In this hideous shirt Gillette pays me millions to makes me wear…”

Maria Masha Sharapova Santa Claus Easter bunny pink Brazil exo

Caroline Caro Wozniacki Woz Santa bunny Federer tour South American Brazil photos pictures video

Roger Federer hideous Gillette embroidered blue shirt stunned expression intense photos pictures images screencaps Brazil tour 2012
“Oh shit. They *swore* there wasn’t anything ‘extra’ in those brownies!”
Roger Federer conversation Fed Brazil Gillette tour pictures
“Erm…do you see a pink bunny in a Santa suit?”
Roger audience Caro Maria match Brazil Federer Gillette tour pictures
“You do. Well…that’s a relief.”
Roger Rog Federer big smile Brazilian tour tennis blue shirt photos pictures
“Oh look…pretty girls!”
Roger Federer sexy sly how you doin' look Gillette tour Brazil 2012 pictures photos images screencaps
“How *you* doin’?
Caro big grin pretty sexy smile Brazil Federer tour pictures
“Hee. I’m fine, baby, how *you* doin’?”
Roger busted on camera photos pictures Brazil
“Oh crap. Mirka cam!”
Roger Federer sly expression pictures Brazil
“Pssst, Caro. Ixnay on the irtingflay, okay?”
Caroline Wozniacki Serena Williams impression big boobs butt joking exo Brazil
“How about I just show you my Serena impression?”

Caro Serena impression Brazil exho exhibition big stuffed boobs chest breasts grab photos pictures images screencaps video

Roger amused smiling blue Gillette shirt photos
The King is amused.
Rory McIlroy Wozilroy Brazil exhibition South American tennis tour golf
While Prince Rory tries to hide in the shrubbery…
Masha hard hit Brazil Caro match
And Maria struggles to overcome the distraction of Caro’s antics and finally beat her in a tiebreak…
Maria Caro at net photos pictures laughing smiling exhibition match Brazil
And yes, Caro is still smiling.
Roger smiling big smile awards presentation Federer Gillette tour tennis
And Rog is smiling, because the best part is coming up…
Caroline Maria waiting smiling grinning Federer exo tour exho
Masha seems pretty excited about it, too.
Roger Federer Maria Sharapova double kiss cheek smoosh Brazil tour
And it’s time for the handshake, double-kiss, cheek smoosh. (At least we think it’s her hand…)
Roger Federer Caroline Wozniacki double kiss holding hands hand on shoulder photos pictures screencaps Brazil
Caro closes her eyes in anticipation…
Roger Caro Maria awards Brazil Federer Gillette tour
Everybody’s happy.
Roger Federer Maria Sharapova Caroline Wozniacki
Three pro players, all in a row.
Caro Roger Masha
Roger squeezes in for his Caro/Maria sandwich.

And they all danced with Santa bunny happily ever after.

Hope you enjoyed the story. And do tell: which moment was most surreal to you? Santa bunny, Caro’s Serena impression, or Maria dancing?

PHOTOS: Screencaps of Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova match, Gillette Federer Tour, December 7, 2012. Fair use.

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