Wawrinka, Nieminen, Kohlschreiber, Youzhny: One Court, Two Doubles Teams, Three One-Handed Backhands, Four Talented Men

Jarkko Nieminen Stan Wawrinka Mikhail Youzhny Philipp Kohlschreiber Cincinnati Open 2013 Western & Southern Open Masters doubles match photos pictures imagesYou know you’ve hit the big time when you get to play your doubles match on a practice court behind the loo. That’s right, my friends, that building you see right there houses some of the public restrooms for the Cincy Masters. What’s really cool is that many of the tennis balls end up on the roof of that building, just like the birdie does when you play badminton in the backyard at home. Only difference is, none of the players’ dads have to get the ladder out to go up and fetch the ball.

While the quaint conditions might be a bit claustrophobic (though thankfully upwind) for the players, it does mean spectators get to be really close to the court. You may have to duck when a powerfully served or unfortunately shanked ball abruptly bounds towards your head, but being right up on the tennis can be quite exhilarating. Also, the few rows of bleachers are behind the baseline, so for those that enjoy that angle, the view is spectacular. As the pictures below will reveal.

Stanislas Wawrinka Jarkko Nieminen Philipp Kohlschreiber Mikhail Youzhny doubles handshakes touching white kits photos images Cincy tennis 2012
The doubles ritual of touching your partner after every point.

This treat of a doubles match featured four talented singles players that drew an enthusiastic crowd. Swiss pro Stanislas Wawrinka teamed up with Finnish player Jarkko Nieminen, while the German Philipp Kohlschreiber paired with Russian Mikhail Youzhny. Fans got to see three one-handed backhands on court at one time, and lots of pretty and entertaining tennis.

Please do *CLICK* the pics if you want HUGE versions that show a lot more detail.

Stan Wawrinka volley doubles match Cincinnati Open white kit Yonex racquet photos
Stan warming up his volleys.
Mikhail Youzhny warm up volley doubles match Western and Southern Open
A ball in the hand is worth two on the volley…or something like that…
Philipp Kohlschreiber serving doubles Western and Southern Open racquet ball 2012
Kohli to serve. Seriously cool shoes, dude.
Philipp Kohlschreiber smash practice doubles warm-up Cincinnati Masters photos
Kohli lining up for a smash.
Jarkko Nieminen leaping volley Stan Wawrinka Philipp Kohlschreiber doubles Cincy pictures
Nieminen leaping for a shot.
Cincinnati Western and Southern Open Masters Mikhail Youzhny serve sking showing doubles match photos
The Youzhny serve.
Stan Wawrinka Jarkko Nieminen half volley Philipp Kohlschreiber doubles Cincinnati 2012 pictures images
Nieminen dipping down low for the half volley.
Stan Wawrinka perfect ass white shorts arse bum doubles match Cincinnati Masters Western and Southern Open pictures images photos curves Yonex racquet red shoes
Stan on the return. And that’s all I’m saying.
Wawrinka and Nieminen hand slap low five handshake doubles Cincinatti pics
Team Wawrinka and Nieminen, or as they’re now fondly known, “Warwick and Nieminitch.”
Western and Southern Open Stanislas Stan Wawrinka serve skin bare back red shoes photos
Stan showing a little skin on his booming serve.
Stan Wawrinka chasing down lob running court hot legs Yonex racquet doubles Cincy 2012 photos
Stan chasing down a lob. Run, boy, run!
Stan Wawrinka Jarkko Nieminen plotting strategy whispering doubles court racquets photos
Stan and Jarkko, two guys with two balls…
Stan Wawrinka net volley backhand gorgeous doubles Cincinnati pictures photos
Stan gets up close and personal with the net.
Cincinnati Open Stanislas Wawrinka Stan volley winner at net doubles Kohlschreiber photos
Oh yeahhh, wicked volley winner from Wawrinka.
Stan and Jarkko doubles Cincy eye on the ball serve ballkid throw bounce toss pictures
Spooky levitation trick. Or just an off-screen ball kid with a rather enthusiastic toss.
Stan Wawrinka Jarkko Nieminen Philipp Kohlschreiber doubles match Cincy Tennis 2012
Kohli returning Stan’s serve.
Mikhail Youzhny Philipp Kohlschreiber serving racquets Cincinnati photos images
Kohli serving, Youzhny poised and ready for the return.
Philipp Kohlschreiber sexy bare legs calves calf muscles bulging  Wawrinka Nieminen doubles match Cincinnati smash photos pictures
This one is all about Kohli’s incredible calf muscles.
Philipp Kohlschreiber Mikhail Youzhny doubles conference chat strategy racquets stink eye staring images photos Cincy
Kohlschreiber/Youzhny powwow. Mikhail is glancing suspiciously in our direction. #WhateverItIsWeDidntDoIt
Mikhail Youzhny Philipp Kohlschreiber doubles Cincinnati Open 2012 serve ball toss racquet pictures photos
The ball kid wisely decides to be a bit less enthusiastic with this ball bounce to Youzhny.
Smash Stan Wawrinka doubles match
Stan going up for the smash.
Jarkko Nieminen doubles match serving Western and Southern Open
Nieminen casually waiting for some of those lost balls to roll off the roof. Secretly he’s hoping one will bean an unsuspecting person heading into the bathroom on the other side.
Jarkko Nieminen racquet clap Cincinnati Masters pictures
He may have gotten his wish. #racquetclap
Stan Wawrinka Jarkko Nieminen gossip strategy tennis doubles Western and Southern Open pics
“Have you noticed Tommy Haas totally doesn’t wear anything underneath his shorts?”
Stan Wawrinka beautiful ass gorgeous round curves white shorts butt panty lines volley net Cincinnati Masters pictures photos
Stan guarding the net. And looking damn fine while doing it.
Stan Wawrinka Jarkko Nieminen volleying doubles match hot ass gorgeous bum pictures photos
Stan and Jarkko, ready for anything.
Jarkko Nieminen serving Stanislas Wawrinka at net doubles match Cincinnati Open pics
Nieminen serving, Stan ready to pounce.
Philipp Kohlschreiber intense expression serious face images pictures
Kohli’s all Serious Bizness.
Jarkko Nieminen Stanislas Wawrinka doubles Western and Southern Open 2012 all whites
I think this one’s yours, Jarkko!
Kohli flashing skin wiping sweat bare back Nieminen stare doubles match Cincinnati Ohio tennis masters pictures photos
Kohli trying to distract Jarkko by flashing some skin. It works for Tommy Haas, doesn’t it?
Stan Wawrinka Cincinnati Open doubles Jarkko Nieminen talking chatting plotting images pics
The boys conferring about strategy. Or plotting world domination. Or planning future ice bath pics. We’re not sure.
Stanislas Wawrinka Stan close up ready for serve Yonex racquet white kit fluffy hair scruff stare eyes Cincinnati Open hot guys doubles 2012 pictures
Flying serve Stan Wawrinka feet off ground beautiful butt bum ass arse white shorts kit pictures photos screencaps
Flying!Stan on the serve.
Stanislas Stan Wawrinka crouching low for volley at net beautiful legs hot ass gorgeous bum one handed backhand
Stan dipping wayyyy low for a volley.
Jarkko Nieminen Philipp Kohlschreiber doubles match Cincinnati Masters Western and Southern Open wide stance at net racquets pictures images photos
Jarkko and Kohli, sentries at the net.
Mikhail Youzhny Philipp Kohlschreiber Jarkko Nieminen Stanislas Wawrinka doubles handshakes at the net smiles laughs doubles match Cincinnati Ohio Open 2012
Ready for handshakes at the net. Can you tell who won? 😉

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PHOTOS: c2012 Valerie David for TennisInsideOut.com. Stanislas Wawrinka, Jarkko Nieminen, Philipp Kohlschrieber, and Mikhail Youzhny at Western and Southern Open, Cincinnati Masters 2012.

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