Jack Sock — Pic of the Day 6

Jack Sock Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters 2012 Blue and Orange Adidas shirt shorts shoes cap Babolat racquet
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Funny story. At the Cincinnati Masters in 2012, J.D. and I were heading to our seats on the main court. Suddenly our path was blocked by a young, blond, freckled teenage boy who stumbled barefoot out of his row into the aisle right in front of me. He was goofing off with some friends of his, of course, and quickly let us get by, so it was just one of those mildly- amusing-blip-in-the-radar moments during the day.

Until we sat down and J.D. leaned over and said, “I think that was Jack Sock.”

And it was. Or rather, it was Jack Sockless. You saw that coming, didn’t you? In any case, it was another of those moments where you realize the big, imposing guy playing really good tennis, under pressure, in televised night matches in big stadiums is still just a lanky, dorky kid in real life.

I chose this one of Jack for the Pic of the Day for purely aesthetic reasons. I love the casual pose, and how this photo captures all of the awesomely brilliant colors in his kit, cap, and shoes. The blue and red-orange contrast with his yellow-striped Babolat racquet, and all of it stands out so boldly against the pale, scuffed green of Center Court.

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PHOTO: c2012 Valerie David for TennisInsideOut.com. Jack Sock at the Western and Southern Open, Cincinnati Masters.

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