The Agony of Wimbledon 2013: A Sampling of Facepalms, Face-Plants, and Total F**kery

Stan Wawtrinka face palm Wimbledon Round one 2013 pictures photos
Stanislas Wawrinka, succinctly summing up the Wimby that was.

Wimbledon 2013 will go into the history books in Britain as a glorious, landmark victory for Andy Murray. For the rest of us, Wimby was an absolute horror show, full of big upsets, injuries, and outright insanity. While there were some excellent matches and moments for underdogs to shine, there was also plenty of Agony to go around for tennis fans. We start with Rafael Nadal, who found himself staring down another loss to a guy having his Best Day Ever.

Rafael Rafa Nadal hands on hips loss to Darcis Wimbledon 2013 photos
“Okay, now I am really…how you say? Pissed off.”
Rafa Nadal loss Darcis hands on hips Wimbledon whites frown pictures
“No, seriously. WTF is happening?”
Sad Rafa Nadal Wimbledon 2013 losing to Darcis pictures screencaps
Sad!Rafa  :’-(

Rafa’s dejected demeanor was heartbreaking enough, but fans knew things were really bad when Rafa skipped his post-match shirt change ritual. We’re guessing he’d rather have broken that “losing early at Wimby” pattern instead.

Darcis pout Nadal match Wimby 2013 Wimbledon pictures Rafa loses
The face of victory.

Perhaps this is the moment Steve Darcis realized he would be backing up his giant-killing victory with a soul-killing withdrawal.

Azarenka fell, injuring herself enough to knock her out of the rest of the tourney. Rafa went out. Then Stanislas Wawrinka became the victim of one of Hewitt’s insane bursts of inconceivable awesomeness.

Wimbledon Stan Wawrinka pointing with racquet miming expressive wrist watch Hewitt match pictures screencaps We’re guessing this is one of the many variations of the “I should have gotten that over the net for a winner” pose we saw from so many players this fortnight.

Stan Wawrinka hands on hips Wimbledon pictures photos white shirt shorts
For sure, this is not going well at all.
Stanislas Wawrinka stunned losing to Hewitt photos
I just lost a grass court final to my buddy Nico…and now I’m on the Cursed Court 1 on what shall soon be known as “Black Wednesday” … and I seem to have mistakenly gotten Ryan Harrison’s draw.

Benoit Paire face in towel sad dejected Wimbledon win photos lineswoman's chair Robert match photos picturesThat’s Benoit Paire, taking a time-out in the corner during his battle with Stephane Robert. Don’t worry, Ben actually won this match.

Maria Sharapova loss de Brito Wimbledon MTO on ground grass leg stretch bare legs white dress pictures images
Male fantasies beginning in 3…2…1….

It’s not very often we see Maria Sharapova down for the count. She was another Big Name Upset at Wimby this year.

Maria Sharapova back turned Wimbledon 2013 Larcher de Brito loss photos pictures white dress screencaps
Unfortunately, Maria realized, turning her back on Michelle Larcher de Brito did not make her go away

With the projected Fedal quarterfinal dream/nightmare already shattered, Rog decided he might as well bail, too. During the tense match with a playing-at-his-peak-level Sergiy Stakhovsky, we got to see the many emotions of the Maestro in trouble.

Roger Federer Fed contemplating serve white polo Wimbledon pictures
Handsome Roger Federer scratching arm holding racquet returning serve stoic Stakhovsky match Wimby 2013 photos pictures
Roger Federer intense close-up handsome Wimbledon loss Stakhovsky 2013 white headband orange swoosh
Deeply Concerned.

What do you want from me? It’s Fed! The only guy who gives away less is Lendl–Murray’s team periodically holds a mirror under his nose to be sure he’s breathing. But while Fed may do his best to remain calm under pressure, things up in the players’ boxes can sometimes be a bit more revealing.

In the Fed camp:

Wimbledon 2013 Lynette Federer, Mirka Federer, Severin Luthi players box Roger perplexed WTF expressions photos
Lynette Federer: “He’s your husband.”
Mirka Federer: “Whuh? He’s your son!”
Severin Luthi: “WTF is wrong with these Swiss players?”

In the Stakhovsky camp:

Anfisa Bulgakova Sergiy Stakhovsky wife players box pictures images photos Wimbledon 2013
Boris and Natasha: “Our plot to eliminate Federer iz working. Next ve vill take care of Moose and Squirrel.”

Meanwhile, the next generation of tennis was doing this:

Sloane Stephens face palm gasp red nails Wimbledon 2013 photos pics
We’re guessing that shot didn’t land in the right place.
Grigor Dimitrov face plant fall on ground grass tumble racquet Wimby pictures photos
It’s not a real tourney until Grigor does a face-plant…
Ernests Gulbis Ernie drinking on court back towel Wimbledon pictures
Ernie Gulbis, possibly doing a shot of vodka during his match against an inspired Fernando Verdasco.
Benoit Paire, arms outstretched forlorn confused loss to Kubot Wimby 2013 pics
Paire beseeching the heavens for help from what fans affectionately (and exasperatedly) refer to as “Benoit-ing.”
Lukasz Kubot MTO inner thigh massage bare legs sexy pose on ground Wimbledon Paire match trainer visit photos pictures screencaps images
Apparently Paire should have just said: “I’ll have what he’s having.” O_o

The man on the ground there is the eventual winner of the match, Lukasz Kubot, who felt so…erm…invigorated, he danced a jig after his victory.

Week 2 did its best to top the Cray Cray that was Week 1:

Serena Williams hands on hips bad shot Lisicki match loss Wimbledon white dress Wilson racquet pictures photos
When things go badly for Serena…
Sabine Lisicki laugh smile after bad shot holding racquet white dress Wimbledon Serena Williams match 2013 win pictures
When things go badly for Sabine…
Serena Williams Wimbledon loss to Lisicki pout screencaps images photos
Bad shot…
Sabine Lisicki grin happy smile Wimbledon victory over Serena Williams photos pictures pretty girl
Worse shot…
Sabine Lisicki face down face plant in grass Wimby win over Serena pictures images photos pics
And in the Opposite World of Lisicki, the victory face-plant.
Agnieszka Radwanska Wimbledon Pironkova match outstretched hand disbelief frustration pose white dress visor pictures
Aga Radwanska, offering her interpretation of the “What the hell was that shit?” pose.
Agnieszka Aga Radwanska MTO bare legs massage towel Wimbledon Li Na matc 2013 images
Aga takes an MTO for her rebelling thigh muscles, which eventually failed to carry her back to the Wimby final.
Li Na face racquet kiss frustrated Wimbledon loss Radwanska pictures closeup pretty
Instead of a facepalm, Li Na gives us a face-racquet…right before losing to Radwanska.

Sloane Stephens banging beating on thighs frustration anger bad shot racquet bent over Wimbledon Bartoli match loss pictures photosSloane several times vented her frustration by pounding her fists against her thighs, trying to beat her legs into match-winning submission, but it was not to be. Hopefully she won’t be beating herself up too badly now, knowing she went out to the eventual Wimbledon champion, Marion Bartoli.

Petra Kvitova loss Wimbledon sad dejected face tears pictures screencaps
No caption necessary.
Tomas Berdych face in towel facepalm loss to Djokovic Wimby
Berdych, hiding from Fed fans who hate his tendency to fold against all the top guys…except for Federer.  #GetHim
Andy Murray Wimbledon fall grass pictures
Andy Murray gets acquainted with the turf.
Aga Radwanska kneel down crouching shot taped thighs skirt flying up action shot Wimbledon pictures
As does Aga. You can almost hear the screams from her thighs, barely muffled by five pounds of taping.
Sabine Lisicki crying tears after loss in Wimbledon final to Bartoli pictures images beautiful
What it feels like to lose Wimbledon.
Novak Djokovic Nole stoic sad after loss Wimbledon 2013 photos
Nole wonders how Murray managed to get TWO big grass finals against an opponent that had been in a DelPo semi-to-the-death…
Anfisa Bulgakova Sergiy Stakhovsky wife players box pictures images photos Wimbledon 2013
Boris and Natasha: “All according to plan…
Nole Novak Djokovic DelPo Juan Martin DelPotro hug embrace at net semifinal Wimbledon 2013 pictures photos screencaps
“…Moose and Squirrel cancel each other out. Victory for our new comrade Murray.”

And that was the Agony that was Wimbledon 2013. Feel free to share the Wimby moments that cleavered your heart in two!


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