Grigor Dimitrov’s Women at Queen’s Club: Maria and the Other Blonde

Grigor Dimitrov post-match interview Round 1 Queens 2013 Dimi Baby Fed close up gorgeous hot pictures images photos screencaps
Yes, I *am* ridiculously handsome.

Grigor “Don’t Call Me Baby Fed” Dimitrov had quite the cheering squad for his first match at Queen’s Club for the Aegon Championships. Tennis star and candy mogul Maria Sharapova came to encourage her favorite man as he slid, soared, and skidded across the grass courts for a roller coaster three set ride. The blonde bombshell was immediately spotted in the crowd, looking cool and collected, lips gently parted in anticipation of some stunning tennis from Grisha.

Maria Sharapova Masha at Grigor's match Queen's Club pictures photos sunglasses sunnies shades trench coatBut she was not the only one excitedly waiting for the dishy Bulgarian to strut his stuff on court. A collection of ball girls started squeeing the moment the match started, and their love only intensified as the suspense rose exponentially.

Ball girls squee dreamy watching Grigor Dimitrov Queens Aegon Championships 2013 love fangirling pictures
Fangirling Grigor: Equal parts “OMG, he HAS to win this point!” and “OMG, isn’t he dreamy?

Grigor did indeed bring the pretty tennis. And a big bombing serve that earned him several love service holds. Things were looking very promising.

Queens Club Grigor Dimitrov Dudi Sela grass courts Grisha serve service motion photos pictures white long sleeves images screencapsUnfortunately for his fans, things were looking good for his opponent as well. Dudi Sela brought his A game, and suddenly Dimitrov was down a set.

Maria Sharapova nervous stoic serious at Grigor Dimitrov match Queen's Club close-up blonde picturesMaria did her best to remain composed. On the outside. On the inside she was likely doing this:

Maria Sharapova scream yell shout bellow  holler victory French Open photosEventually her inner worry had to manifest itself, and we got this:

Maria at Grigor's match nervous Queens 2013It’s not quite the Mirka-Facepalm, which you can see in action here, but it’s still pretty emotive for the cool Russian.

Meanwhile, another fair-haired lady was having panic attacks of her own.

Worried ball girl Queens Club Dimitrov match Grigor fan praying Sela match images pictures photos screencapsWhich got even more intense as the match came down to the wire…

Intense worried ball girl tears Grigor Dimitrov match tennis picturesThen came the perilous tiebreak. Maria was still trying to maintain supportive stoicism.

Masha at Grigor's match Queens Aegon Championships close up intense blonde pictures pretty lips photosAt 3-0 that got a bit more, erm, supportive.

Maria Sharapove death look stare down Grigor Dimitrov match Queens 2013 pics
“That’s right, baby. Kill him.”

While Maria worked her death ray eyes, the Other Blonde had the waterworks on standby as Grigor let the break slip.

Worried blonde ball girl Grigor Dimitrov match 2013 photosAnd then Maria got worried. You can almost tell!

Maria Sharapova worried at Grigor Dimitrov match grass court season picsBut there was nothing for Grigor’s fangirls to fear. Game, set, match.

Queen's Club grass court tennis Grigor Dimitrov fist pump Monday match against Sela pictures photos images screencapsThe ball girls evaporated into euphoric squee, whilst Masha proudly encouraged her talented boy toy from the stands.

Maria come on cheer from stands for Grigor match Queen's Club England photos pictures
Grigor says: “I’m definitely confident. She’s by my side, I’m happy, happy that she came.”

Good luck, Grigor! First the sexy star girlfriend, then the squeeing fangirls, then…THE WORLDmwahahahahahaaa…. 😉

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PHOTOS: Screencaps, Dimitrov vs Sela match, Aegon Championships 2013, fair use.

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