So Inappropriate: What the Men Around Grigor Dimitrov Are Really Thinking

Grigor Dimitrov Shanghai Istomin match black white shirt kit faux fake sweater vest black shorts socks Nike tennis balls red wristband photos pictures screencaps images

It’s no secret that Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov is a good-looking dude. After all, this tall drink of water with the billion-watt smile managed to seduce the gorgeous, famously cool-as-a-cucumber Slam-winner Maria Sharapova into a giddy romance. And he’s a favorite with women of all ages, including sobbing, smitten ball girls.

So it’s not difficult to imagine that he might have a similar effect on the men in his life. In fact, we here at always enjoy imagining all sorts of things, because what’s more fun than taking a perfectly innocent occurrence and adding heaps of potential meaning to it?

Ali Nili stroking microphone Grigor Dimitrov Denis Istomin match Shanghai 2014

Take umpire Ali Nili, for instance, sitting up on the chair during a changeover in Shanghai and suggestively stroking his, erm, microphone as Grigor Dimitrov towels off below.

umpire Ali Nili China Grisha Dimitrov changeover toweling face
“Hot damn, he really is total sex on legs…”
umpire Grigor staring
“…sex on lovely long, tanned legs…and look at those graceful hands of his…”
Grigor toweling off hands long fingers Dimitrov  Shanghai 2014
“Just think of all the things he can do with those skillful, elegant fingers…”
Grigor toweling off hands China Masters Rolex
“I’d so love to be that towel right now…or be the reason he needs that towel…”
Ali Nili wary look staring Grigor Dimitrov Shanghai 2014
“Wait…I didn’t say any of that out loud, did I?”
Grigor Dimitrov coach Roger Rasheed staring zombie pose Shanghai Masters 2014
“No, but I wouldn’t have heard you anyway, with the blood roaring in my ears. He thinks I’m watching him to critique his tennis. Mostly I just sit here and stare at the beauty of his firm strokes…and his strong ball-handling…and the shape of his…backhand. Yes, that’s it. Backhand.”
Roger Federer physio now with Grigor Dimitrov Stephane Vivier
“You two are amateurs. You have no idea about the allure of Grigor. I left Roger freakin’ Federer to be with him.”
Stephane Vivier Grigor Dimitrov physio staring Shanghai Masters 2014 new
“Oh. I just remembered. I get to put my hands on him after this match….maybe we’ll work on stretching his inner thigh muscles…or maybe that Grigoreus Maximus…”
Grigor Dimitrov smile happy pretty sweater vest kit Nike Shanghai 2014 Istomin match
“You guys, you’re embarrassing me…”
Grigor Dimitrov signing camera Denis Istomin match Shanghai China Masters 2014
“Here is a message for you…”

Grigor Dimitrov signs camera with love from China Shanghai

J.D. is pretending I never wrote this post.

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PHOTOS: Shanghai Masters 2014 screencaps, Grigor Dimitrov vs. Denis Istomin, with Grigor’s coach Roger Rasheed and physio Stephane Vivier, TennisTV, fair use.

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