Beijing Rafa Fans Cheer, Gasp, and Facepalm Their Way Through Shocking Nadal-Klizan Match

Rafael Nadal Klizan match Beijing fans

Previously at we took a look at Roger Federer’s intensely passionate fans, but he’s definitely not the only player with fervent support around the globe. As Rafael Nadal took the court for an intense match against a feisty Martin Klizan in Beijing, only a few days into his comeback from a wrist injury, Beijing fans were cheering like crazy for their Spanish fave. Let’s take a look at all the agony and ecstasy they endured as the match progressed.

You may be surprised to learn that the score was 3-all in the first set when the above photo was captured. We’re tempted to say this hair-clutching Rafa fan had a premonition of the match’s conclusion, but we’re guessing she was just this intense when Rafa was bageling Gasquet in the 1st round.

Rafa Nadal nice sweaty ass bent over bench changeover Beijing Klizan match

Early in the match, Rafa went for a new racquet on the changeover, giving some fans a very nice view of the “famous ass“.

Happy Rafans Spanish flag Beijing

They really appreciated it, as you can see above. Although we expect the girl in the back row is not old enough yet to process her feelings on the subject.

Thrilled Rafa fans

Klizan attempted to serve out the 1st set at 5-4. These Beijing fans were ecstatic when Rafa hit a searing FH down the line to give himself two break points.

Crazy girl Rafa fans bored dad flag of Spain Beijing

These happy Rafa fans are all excited about seeing their hero hit huge shots in the tiebreak. Dad is wondering why his daughters can’t just find a nice Chinese boy to like.

P.S. Possibly the cutest phone case ever.

Impressed Klizan disappointed  Nadal fans

Here we see that the men in the crowd are annoyingly impressed by Klizan’s good tennis. The Rafa fangirls…feeling intense pain.

Distressed Rafa fans

Where there was once euphoria, now there was intense distress…

Rafael Nadal cranking hard backhand tennis ball wide eyes intense tiebreak Klizan match Beijing 2014

Then Rafa earned himself set point…

Chinese Rafa fans Spanish flag tiebreak Klizan match

Fans waited breathlessly for their moment to cheer…

Crazy cheering Chinese Rafa fans signs clown wig  bull stickers screencaps photos Beijing

And the 1st set was Rafa’s, and the diehard fans rejoiced. And seriously, these gals above are hardcore fans, with Rafa Bull logo stickers in their hair. Yes, they’re not afraid to rip out chunks of silken strands for Rafa…either in angst over him getting broken on serve, or when they try to remove those adhesive fan adornments later. Ouch. Now that’s love.

Rafa fan red coral pink Rafa bull hat white salmon logo peach

This Nadal fangirl has come prepared. If her Nike bull logo hat gets knocked off in a fit of cheering for Rafa, she’s got a spare to replace it.

Rafa Nadal arms open wide helpless gesture frustrated wants towel no ball kids Beijing 2014
“Where the f— is my f—ing towel???” he seemed to say.

Rafa was up a break…and then Klizan broke right back.

Rafa fan flags on phone

Things were tense for Rafa fans. This gal decided to phone a friend…or maybe the Asian mafia from “Awkward.”

Happy Rafa fans second set grim parents unimpressed Beijing

When Nadal got it to 30-all on his serve to stay in the 2nd set, the young Rafa fans were ecstatic. Mom and Dad…not impressed.

Audience crowd Nadal Klizan match clapping prayer

Mom’s neighbor was either mid-clap or mid-prayer, but he looked hopeful.

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