Roger Federer and Vasek Pospisil — Don’t Mess with the Old Man

Roger Federer close up sexy stare sweaty hair headband mint green headband polo cheekbones
Getting an unsmiling stare from Herr Federer can be a bit…intimidating.

Here at, we try to find those little moments in tennis matches you might not always catch on TV. Or that you did catch and wouldn’t mind chuckling over again. And we can’t help being entertained by the Roger Federer Aura, and how an opponent ruffling Fed’s feathers always feels like a jester stepping on the King’s mink-edged velvet robes.

Sure, he’s 33. Yeah, he doesn’t win everything anymore, and sometimes he sticks us with a Cilic/Nishikori USO final (not that we’re bitter). But we still love the Fed and his Aura, and it’s still pretty damn effective when he’s at his Maestro-best on the court.

Vasek Pospisil running forehand small smile turquoise striped kit  racquet raket Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters 2014The Fed played up-and-comer Canadian Vasek Pospisil in Cincinnati in a fast-paced, high-flying three-setter. At one point, Vashy hit this forehand on the run, the ball flipping up…and just over the net.

Vasek Pospisil changing direction at baseline on the run Cincinnati Federer match

Vashy quickly changed direction and started running, because you know Fed was running, and Popsicle boy wanted to make sure he was in position to hit another shot.

Vasek Pospisil running to net Federer match Western and Southern Cincy Masters photos pics images

Cincinnati Open Vashy Pospisil Roger Federer at net running into clutching hanging on net cord

But Fed’s fleet feet couldn’t quite get him to the ball in time. And there was a little extra momentum he was working with…

Roger Federer runs into net grips top of tape Pospisil match Cincinnati

Roger Federer ran bent over flipped net cord rushing Pospisil match Cincinnati 2014

Cincinnati match Vasek Pospisil Roger Federer at net running into net bending over cord photos pics

Vashy saw he’d knocked the Olderer Man over, and he stopped, turned, and casually strolled away from the net.

Vasek Pospisil walking back to baseline Federer match Cincinnati photos pics 2014
Ain’t no big thang...

Rog contemplated this for a few moments…

Roger Federer contemplation rest at net after rushing net Pospisil match
Do you believe this little shit? He made me run. Like a commoner.
Federer glare at net angry maestro Roger Vashy Pospisil match at net
Yeah, we’ll see who’s running next. All the way back to Canada.

You really don’t want to get a look like that from Fed. Well, unless you’re Nole. No two guys on tour seem to enjoy pissing each other off more than Fedole. Except for maybe Gulbis and “Princess” Bautista-Agut, but see, there’s always royalty involved.

But we digress. Vashy had those feral eyes boring a vengeful hole in the back of his skull as he walked away. And then he went on to try some more of his best tennis.

Vasek Pospisil low swing on forehand Cincy Fed match

And Fed countered…

Roger Federer forehand Cincinnati 2014

And when Fed was next at net, he was feeling good.

Roger Federer fist pump Wilson racquet mint green blue kit Cincinnati Masters summer swing photos pics 2014

And Vashy was all…

Many faces expressions of Vasek Pospisil Cincinnati Federer match 2014

The last time they met at the net, the scoreline was 7-6, 5-7, 6-2…Federer.


“Don’t fuck with the Old Man,” Rog seemed to say.

Vashy should be cautious, hugs from Kings and mobsters often lead to a horse head in your bed. Or something like that.


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