Stan Wawrinka — Good Days and Bad

Cincy Stan the Man red tee Wawrinka close-up

Every tennis player has good days and bad days, and any fan of Stan Wawrinka knows that these shifts of up and down often come without warning. Some bad days still manage to give us exquisitely beautiful tennis, like last year, when Stan the Man lost to Tommy Robredo in a match that included some of the most intense and artistic rallies the fans on Court 9 had ever seen. Anyone who saw the U.S. Open 2014 match against Robredo knows what we’re talkin’ about.

Cincinnati Stan the Man shirt  depressed forlorn face necklace silver charm photos pics fluffy reddish blonde strawberry hair

Then there was this year, when Stan had some bad days in practice and some rough days on the court. This included a quarterfinal loss to Julien Benneteau that began with a breadstick–by Stan, yet ended in a bewildering three-set loss that left spectators stunned.

There were, of course, still plenty of winners and beautiful form to admire in the week of Stan’s practice and play, and we’ve gathered the many moods of Stan here for you to observe, admire, and ponder…along with the meaning of life. Or something like that.

Stan Wawrinka waiting return of serve Cincinnati Masters practice black shorts booty hot ass arse bum Yonex racquet photos pics

Stan showed off his tennis form in an early practice, as well as his bright red “Stan the Man” shirt that fans have been begging Yonex for since well before the Stanimal’s 2014 Australian Open win.

(As always, most of the pics can be clicked for bigger sizes.)

Stan the Man shirt backhand tennis ball Stan forehand Stanislas Stan the Man red t-shirt Wawrinka Cincy practice BH shot Stanislas Stan the Man Wawrinka shirt backhand slice Cincinnati practice

Stan Wawrinka stretching one-handed backhand beautiful sexy ass butt tennis ball skinny left arm Stan Wawrinka forehand follow-through strawberry blond hair Stan Wawrinka stare intense eyes Stan the Man t-shirt tee Cincy practice

It wouldn’t be a proper Stan post without at least one photo of The Man staring at Val through her camera lens disapprovingly. Or maybe he’s just trying to remember her from a past life. We can’t be sure.

Jeremy Chardy Stan Wawrinka looking in tennis bags cute photo Cincinnati Open practice
Stan the Man and Jeremy Chardy taking a break from practice.


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