The Full Tommy

Tommy Haas hand to lips Cincinnati Open 2013 photos pictures
Tommy’s possibly slightly appalled reaction to this post…

There are some basic things that all tennis fans know, like the rules of the game, or who the top players are. But then there are subtler things fans are familiar with, like how Rafa arranges his water bottles, or when Fed grabs a new racquet in relation to new balls, or how Tommy Haas very often does not wear underpants.

Erm, what now? Yes, it’s true, we notice these things. And it’s not about getting caught out on laundry day, the Haasinator seems to feel more comfortable going commando. And by his general personality, and the fact that he continues to wear white shorts, we gotta feel the handsome German does not give a crap if we want to ogle his chiseled body and how sweaty clothes cling to it in interesting ways.

Tommy Haas white shorts no underwear sexy ass bum arse Western and Southern Open strong forehand shot photos images pictures screencaps

We here at got to see, and photograph, all those interesting ways when we watched him play a quality match against Kevin Anderson in Cincy on a bright and sunny day. We present them to you as they are, with no circles, arrows, or Perez Hilton commentary. Enjoy The Full Tommy, with all of his sexiness and all of his beautiful tennis, and click the pics if you want to enlarge them and examine them in more detail. We won’t judge you.

And all we can say is…Tommy, you can leave your hat on.*

*(Full Monty joke (not work safe))

Tommy Haas beautiful ass serve toss white shorts pale blue shirt hat Service motion Tommy Haas tight buns sweaty clothes racquet wristband Tommy Haas backhand slice penis pictures photos clinging shorts pictures Forehand line up form tighat arse sexy ass tight sweaty shorts hot boys pictures Tommy Haas forehand follow through Cincinnati Open bulge cock white shorts no underwear photos pictures images Tommy Haasi blowing on fingers bent over on return nice curves sexy pics Tommy Haas backhand line up chasing ball one hander bulge white shorts photos Tommy Haas service motion lovely behind see through white shorts no pants naked tennis ball baseline Tommy Haas arching service motion leaping serve tight ass arse bum gorgeous sexy curves beautiful graceful hands

We’re sorry the shade of the umbrella made all of our shirt change pics too dark and unusable. But we DO have lots of shirtless Tommy pics from his practice session.

Cincinnati Open changeover Haas bulge naked legs handsome face Leaping serve jumping after tennis ball Tommy Haas lovely legs Haas blowing puffed up cheeks service lunge Cincy Open 2013 hot legs

You may have noticed that we decided to try some photos with a special, high contrast filter, and we think it worked in the sunny conditions really well. We think you’ll enjoy the bolder colors and lines.

Tommy Haas backhand volley beautiful extension hot guys photos pictures screencaps images tight buns naked arse no underwear going commando forheand followthrough at net black socks yellow shoes pics Arty Tommy gorgeous muscles toned legs tight butt lining up for smash Cincinnati Open warm-up Western and Southern Open photos by Valerie David Haas bent over gorgeous ass bum butt arse wet shorts Lining up smash racquet racket tight ass white shorts sky blue shirt cap Beautiful Tommy Haas lining up forehand handsome sexy curves long lean arms Hubba hubba smiling Tommy Haas penis bulge cock tight shorts sweaty shirt gorgeous hot guys

You may recognize this next pic from our black and white series, The Beauty of Tennis: Tommy Haas.” We think this shot looks pretty good in color, too.

Hot ass tight buns muscles glutes buttocks toned legs hotness sexy pictures photos Sexy shoulder back muscles lining up one handed backhand tight buns hot ass naked wet sweaty shorts photos by Valerie David

This next one may be one of my favorite Tommy Haas pictures ever. The beautiful extension on his backhand follow-through, the power of the stretch, the elegant lines of his body…it’s one of those moments when dance and tennis meet.

Flying Tommy arms outstretched leaping one handed backhand bh hot sexy muscles cute ass Haas backhand swing pretty man racquet dancing feet Stretching serve holding tennis ball splayed fingers tight butt hot man

A victorious Tommy is waving goodbye to you now. Hope you enjoyed seeing the talented and nimble (and hella sexy) German player at work!

Tommy wave post-match win sweaty clothes penis bulge hot naked legs Tommy Haas victory wave Western and Southern Open Cincy tennis hot ass tight wet shorts cute butt broad shoulders clinging blue shirt love photos by Valerie David

You may also enjoy: Hot Haas and his hot coach Christian Groh.

PHOTOS: All photos c2013 Valerie David for Please do not use without permission.

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