Shirtless Tommy Haas Practice in Cincy 2013

Tommy Haas practice Cincinnati Western and Southern Open Masters topless photos pictures by Valerie David
Hellloooo, Tommy.

Sure we’re cutting it close, but this still counts toward Haasember, a month featuring our very favorite photos of the very handsome Tommy Haas. Perhaps next year we can devote even more days to the photogenic German and his penchant for sweating his way through multiple shirts, to the point where he finally decides it’s pointless to bother wearing one.

(See Tommy in black & white perfection, in our Beauty of Tennis Series!)

We got very close to Tommy during his vigorous, and lengthy, tennis practice with his coach Christian Groh. It began with stretching exercises, then actual court time with ever-increasing intensity. (You can see Part 1 of this photo series here.)

We’ve tried to capture a variety of aspects of Tommy’s game, his movement and strength. Losing the shirt gives us a chance to see all the muscles in play for every shot, the lines and angles of his body, and a hint of the personality behind it all. And the hotness, of course, which is impossible to ignore.

Enjoy the photos! As always, *CLICK* the pics for larger, sometimes IMMENSE versions of the Tommy photographs.

We can start with the beautiful backhand…

Tommy Haas backhand shirtless practice naked back muscles gorgeous hot man pics

Cincinnati Masters practice Tommy Haas backhand flick topless shirtless muscled back shoulders sexy legs photos images

One-handed backhand follow through single backhand stretch naked shirtless back arm muscles curves photos Tommy Haas

Running and stretching and swinging hard on those forehands…

Tommy Haas running forehand arms stretch bare chest shirtless sweaty sexy practice Cincy 2013

Tommy forehand stretch bend Cincinnati Masters practice shirtless Haas racquet pictures photos images

Sexy sweaty Tommy Haas Cincy practice phtoos shirtless treasure trail hot ass nice arse racquet forehand swing follow through

Just your average between-shots hot Haas moments…

Beautiful shirtless Tommy Haas naked upper body photos walking back to line gorgeous hot arse bum pics

Cincinnati Western and Southern Open shirtless photos practice racquet backwards hat cap topless Tommy Haas

Showing off the muscles on this quick reach for a backhand shot…

Hot tight ass Tommy Haas nude back muscles strong thighs calves stretching reaching backhand

Definitely *CLICK* these next two, so you can absorb every detail of the Shirtless Tommy Awesomeness.

Big overhead forehand windshield wiper forehand swing shirtless muscular Tommy hairy chest strong pecs hot legs pictures

Tommy Haas Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters 2013 shirtless practice photos

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PHOTOS: c2013 Valerie David for

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