Tommy Haas — The Beauty of Tennis Series

Tommy Haas shirtless running hand through hair Cincinnati Masters 2013 photos by Valerie David
But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st — Wm. Shakespeare

We decided that the seemingly ageless, supremely talented, uber handsome Haas was a good person to start off our Beauty of Tennis Series. We love sharing photos of your favorite players here on, and we wanted to do something a bit special with these latest posts to keep things interesting.

We’re still in the experimental phase, so these pages might take a different form in future, but right now it’s a black & white series that focuses on the unique beauty of each particular player. Not just their attractiveness, but the visual art they create with their tennis, with the elegant lines of their bodies, the finesse of their movement, and the curves of the muscles they’ve achieved through hard work and dedication.

Color photos can be richly beautiful, but we like how black & white pictures limit distractions, and with the help of specific framing, help you focus on the subject in a new way. We hope you enjoy the new series.

ETA: In honor of the five-year anniversary of Tennis Inside Out, and in honor of Tommy Haas’ final year on the tour, we have added some new pictures to our very first Beauty of Tennis gallery. Little did we know in 2013 that a series of injuries would prevent Tommy from returning to the Cincy tournament, and we’re more grateful than ever that we took so many snaps of the artful player while we had the chance. The next shots we take of Herr Haas may be as he struts around the grounds at Indian Wells, where he is the newly-appointed tournament director.

We recommend viewing these photos on a larger screen, but we have upgraded our galleries to enhance the mobile experience. ↓Scroll down↓ to see the collection!

Click on any pic to start the SLIDESHOW. Let us know which shot is your favorite!

(When you’re done, check out the Roger Federer series!)

PHOTOS: c2013 Valerie David for Please do not reuse without permission.

Poem Excerpt from: “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day” by William Shakespeare.

Edited: 7/2017

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