Rafael Nadal — Pic of the Day 9

Rafael Rafa Nadal bounce black and white photos by Valerie David Cincinnati Open 2011 racquet shadow pictures images sexy ass arse butt bum
Rafael Nadal — *click* for bigger version

In honor of our new Beauty of Tennis Series, we thought we’d give you a taste of how some other players will fare artistically. Here we have Rafael Nadal, mid-point in a doubles match with Marc Lopez in 2011.

Tennis players vary in their style of movement, and I’ve always loved the quick patter of Rafa’s feet and his bouncing energy. The more challenged he is by a point, and an opponent, the more he bounces. You can almost feel the coiled-up power just waiting to unleash when that ball gets right where he wants it.

Here we have a glimpse of that anticipation, mid-bounce, with just a hint of air beneath those bright white shoes and the Shadow Rafa below.

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PHOTO: c2011 Valerie David for TennisInsideOut.com

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