Smiles, Scarves, and Snogs — Benoit Paire Teaches Dmitry Tursunov How To Be French

Benoit Paire Dmitry Tursunov practice Western and Southern Cincinnati Open tennis towel Babolat bag photos piectures
Dmitry weeps bitter tears over not being French enough…

One of the fan-favorite aspects of the Cincinnati Open tournament is that you can get really close to the players on practice courts. “Big deal,” you say. “Boring practice, blah blah.” Well, that shows how much you know. Things happen on these courts, y’all.

Sure, there’s all the awesome tennis. And lots of shirtlessness. But there are also plenty of unique little moments, a glimpse at the players’ personalities when they’re not under the pressure of a match and TV cameras and a stadium full of spectators.

And sometimes there is French kissing.

The French part of this story is played by Benoit Paire, who had a practice session with Urszula Radwanska on the first Saturday of the tourney. Ben and Ula were getting ready to leave when they heard Russian (-American) player Dmitry Tursunov shouting at them from a neighboring court. We’re guessing he might have jokingly asked the bel homme why skinny French boys always have gorgeous women around them.

Benoit Paire Urszula Radwanska short shorts blonde hair water bottle practice Cincinnati 2013 pics photos images

Benoit perhaps then explained the incredible prowess that French men have in the bedroom…

Cincinnati Open Benoit Paire hands on hips Dmitry Tursunov frown pout Urszula Radwanska yellow tank

in great detail…

Benoit Paire Dmitry Tursunov disgusted look scrunchy face practice Cincy tennis
Dude, that’s disgusting!!”

Dmitry then offered his hand in friendship, and asked how he could learn to be more…French.

Paire Benoit Tursunov Dmitry handshake Western and Southern Open practice white shirts photos pics

Ben Igor handshake intense eye contact
Note the intense gaze…

Then Benoit explained that French men don’t do handshakes. They kiss.

Benoit Paire hand on hip Dmitry Tursunov perplexed surprised look white Fila shirt joking pictures photos
“Quoi?” Dmitry asked, trying to keep up with this whole French thing.

Chicks, dudes, family, friends…apparently the French kiss everyone. At least that’s how Benoit explained it. Dmitry was amused.

Paire Tursunov Radwanska tennis practice 2013

He noticed that jaunty little hand-on-hip pose that Benoit had going, so he decided that emulating the Frenchman in every way was the best start to exuding the proper level of Frenchness.

Cincinnati Open tennis practice Benoit Paire bent over cute butt flexible stretch Dmitry Tursunov towel photos pictures images
Benoit demonstrating that he’d be lethal in a game of Twister

Ben Igor towel bending over

Dmitry uses a towel to fashion himself a proper French scarf, just like Benoit would wear….

Benoit tweets photo with Stan Dec 2013
With Stan “The Man” Wawrinka, who is on the French side of Swiss, by the way.

Then Dima waits for Benoit’s reaction. While he waits, he stares at Ben’s ass. Because this just seems to be something tennis players do.

Benoit Paire bent over cute ass Dmitry stares Tursunov towel scarf Cincy practice


Dmitry’s impish expectation of a reaction to Teh Funny reminds me of Stan waiting to amuse Fed when they played doubles in Indian Wells.

Dmitry Tursunov goofing with grinning Benoit Paire towel scarf

After granting Dima the desired laugh, Ben graciously agrees to help correct his French-inspired towel scarf.

Benoit Paire adjusts Dmitry Tursunov's towel scarf Cincinnati Open hilarious funny practice

And then show him the proper French greeting…

Dmitry Tursunov Benoit Paire cheek kiss snog smoosh hug

Paire Tursunov kiss snog smooch hug Benoit Dima

Dmitry kisses Benoit hug cuddle Cincinnati practice 2013 Paire Tursunov
Erm…we think Dmitry might have improvised on that whole cheek-kissing thing. O_o

Ben Igor kissing holding each other photos pictures images pics

Merry laughter ensues…

Urszula Radwanksa laughing at grinning Benoit Paire Dmitry Tursunov kiss hug

And Dmitry is thrilled that Ula is totally losing it over their French display…

Ula Radwanska laughing hysterically at Dima Tursunov after snog with Benoit Paire practice Cincy 2013
Voila! Mission accomplished.

As Benoit leaves the court, he roughly wipes the taste of vodka from his lips…

Benoit wipes face mouth with towel
“Aw come on, man, don’t be that way…”
Benoit then sends a few choice words Dima's way. Pardon his French.
Benoit then sends a few choice words Dima’s way. Pardon his French.
Dmitry smirks...
Dmitry smirks…
Paire grin
Ben grins back…

And just off the court, Benoit is once again surrounded by gorgeous women…

Benoit taking pics with fangirls Cincinnati 2013
It’s good to be French. 😉

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P.S. The photos are real, the story is pure French flights of fancy. Feel free to interpret in your own way.

Photos: c2013 Valerie David for, except for Stan/Benoit from Benoit’s Twitter, 2013.

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