Stan Wawrinka Top Ten Interview — On PlayStation, Partying, and Breaking Racquets

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When petite journalists and tall tennis players meet…

Stanislas Wawrinka took time at the French Open 2013 to do a “Top Ten” interview for If you watch the video below, you non-French speakers will still be able to pick out that his buddy Benoit Paire and Rafa Nadal both get mentions. Speaking of non-French speakers, for those of you that are curious about what all Stan is saying as he smiles his way adorably through this chat, look below for the English translation, kindly provided by AnnaIsidey on Twitter.

English translation:

1. Stanislas, you just got into the Top 10, just before Roland Garros, would you do a little interview Top 10?

Stan: Yes.

2. We wanted to know if you are in the PlayStation Top 10?

Stan: Nearly, but there are way better like Benoit Paire, and I think Rafa plays so good, too.

3. Maybe the Twitter Top 10?

Stan: Not followers, but I try to tweet regularly some funny tweets, and give some pics to my fans.

4. The ravers’ (partiers) Top 10?

Stan: Ehh no, no no, we can’t do everything, I really like parties, and when I party, I do it thoroughly, but not often in my life.

5. You don’t have the names of some who are in the Top 10?

Stan: We don’t give names like that but if you read “L’Equipe” of the day, you’ll see.

6. Racket breakers Top 10?

Stan: No no, I am far. I broke some rackets but not anymore. Now, I try to do something to relieve my frustration.

7. And about supporting other players, where are you in the Top 10?

Stan: I support my buddies, when I get on well with someone, I’m the first supporter and get really happy when he wins.

8. The Top 10 of .. overrun time serving, with the new rule?

Stan: With the new rule, no, I adapt myself, I serve in time after…that’s true that I was a player who take more time than not enough, but with the new rule I’m playing well, too. I didn’t get any warning for the time being.

9. Gym Top 10?

Stan: No, pure gym no, because I don’t often do it because of my coach’s philosophy but top ten of players who works a lot, who trains the most, or even the most, yes.

10. Superstition Top 10?

Stan: No, not at all, I don’t have any, I’m out of Top 100 and I try to not have them.

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PHOTO: 2013 screencap, interview with Stan Wawrinka, fair use.

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