1 Day ‘Til….Aw Fuck, We’re Already AT CINCY

Madison Keys 2015 draw party Cincy countdown

Well, our countdown went a bit awry at the last minute with all of the mad Cincy preparations and thoroughly unwise amounts of sleep deprivation. The Tennis Inside Out Slam has already begun, with a star-turning performance from #Merican Madison Keys and her uber short shorts at the 2015 draw party. Mads has a tough draw to start, so we’re hoping she can get in her firing-winners-left-and-right mode very quickly.

Mardy Fish 2015 draw party Cincy countdown

Mardy Fish was greeted with a huge volume of cheers and applause as he oversaw his name going into the singles draw at Cincy for the final time. We get to cherish his crafty tennis as much as we can this week, before he heads off for his last professional tournament before retirement, the US Open.

For our final countdown post, we had planned a collection of “J.D.’s Ladies.” At Cincy last year, J.D. somehow found every female player in booty shorts using some special kind of Man Sonar. There was also a secret mechanism on his phone’s camera that made sure to capture any and all girl-hugging.

20140814_123106_resized Cncy countdown 20140814_152402_resized Cincy countdown

We promise we’ll find a way to put this post together for you eventually; there’s some really good stuff there. For now you’ll have to make do with J.D.’s adventures at this year’s tourney, so be sure to subscribe to our site to keep up with all the latest posts, and follow us on Twitter @TennisInsideOut for all the real-time goodies!!

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