Cincinnati Highlights Days 4 & 5: Wozniacki, Wawrinka, Petkovic, Fish, Federer, Stephens, Harrison, Haas, Paire

Roger Federer secret practice session Center Court Cincinnati Open 2013
Roger Federer, aka Sneaky Bastarderer

One of the joys for fans at the Cincinnati Open is the ability to see player practices, usually on smaller courts that offer up-close-and-personal vantage points. The popularity of these practice sessions means that some of them become absolute madhouses, with huge crowds crammed into small spaces. It’s no surprise, then, that some players might like a little time away from the danger-of-stampede situations.

Which brings us to Roger Federer, who is the Maestro of all things, including faking people out. The photo above shows him on a closed-to-public Center Court, practicing with Coach Paul Annacone–while all his fans sat waiting for him to show up to the scheduled Court 5. That is until someone leaked Roger’s Super Sekrit location to Twitter.

Stan Wawrinka and Benoit Paire did show up to their scheduled practice, however, a quick hit for both before their Tuesday singles matches.

Stanislas Stan Wawrinka Benoit Paire doubles partners singles practice Cincinnati Open 2013 watch pictures photos

I liked this shot of smiley Benoit.

Benoit Paire smile grin practice baby blue turquoise sweatshirt hoodie forehand Cincinnati Open

Stan did a lot of scrolling when he checked his Twitter during a break in practice. I realized that was probably him sailing by the three pages of babble that Katie (@breakpointsaved) and I had tagged him on. Like we do.

Stanislas Stan Wawrinka practice with Paire Cincinnati phone texting tweeting Twitter chat pictures

On center court, Ryan Harrison did everything humanly possible to try and win against Ferrer. And some things that we though were only Djokovic-possible…

Ryan Harrison full stretch Ferrer match Cincinnati Open

Sloane Stephens did a bit of pouting and teenagery sighing early on in her match against Maria Sharapova…

Sloane Stephens peach orange pink outfit Center Court Maria Sharapova match Cincinnati Western and Southern Open 2013

…but as we all know, she managed to kick it into a higher gear, enough to get her another big win over a top player.

On Wednesday, Caroline Wozniacki took to the court, showing off her fine overhead shots, tenacity, and that weird but mesmerizing Stella McCartney kit.

Caroline Wozniacki smash Cincy

Afterwards, Mardy Fish and Jurgen Melzer took on the duo of Granollers and Lopez in a high-energy match that was a standing-room-only event.

Mardy Fish Jurgen JoJo Melzer doubles Cincinnati Open 2013 photos

And then Stan played an incredible night match against Tommy Robredo, a searingly fast frenzy of one-handed-backhand goodness that went to three sets.

Stan Wawrinka BH backhand winners front view black kit sexy Stanislas photos pictures Cincinnati Western and Southern Open Masters tournament tennis

I always love watching a Stan match with a crowd that’s not necessarily that familiar with the players. It starts with polite interest, but once Stan starts cracking those BH winners down the line, people are shouting “HOLY $#%@!!!!!” and applauding like crazy.

Which brings us to tonight’s collection of clickable pics. Yes J.D. and I were at Stan’s match, and if you click the pic below, you’ll see just how close we were able to sit.

Stan Wawrinka night match Cincinnati black kit water bottle drinking pretty pouty lips fluffy hair photos pics

Here are two pics that I thought were gorgeous of Andrea Petkovic, that show off her strength and form, as well as the sexiness of that somewhat oddly designed Stella kit.

Andrea Petkovic Petko flighing serve Stella McCartney outfit dress orange taupe beige white pictures

Andrea Petkovic Petko smash serve upskirt Stella dress orange sheer naked back sexy thights

And last, but certainly not least, this Click-to-Enlarge pic is for those lusty ladies I met at the shirtless Monaco practice earlier this week.

Tommy Haas serve beautiful ass butt bum arse cheeks no underwear white shorts commando pictures images pants

This is the guy I told you about.

You’re welcome.

In case you missed it, check out Cincy posts from Days One, Two, and Three!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great posts and pictures from Cincy! We were only able to go Saturday and Thursday, your tweets and pictures have been a lot of fun to follow šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Jennifer, glad you enjoyed the posts! Even when you attend, there’s always stuff you miss, so it’s nice when everyone can share what they’ve seen. šŸ™‚ There will be *lots* more as I go through all the pics I took while at the tourney!

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