Giant-killer Lucas Pouille — Anatomy of a Serve…and Stuff

Lucas Pouille practice hot sexy Cincinnati Masters practice pics 2016

Hello, Lucas Pouille. Though we here at Tennis Inside Out have been raving about our Pookie for some time, we understand that some of you may not be as familiar with the 22-year-old Frenchman. That is, you maybe weren’t familiar at all with him until he took out 14-time Slam champ and Spanish hottie Rafael Nadal at the US Open, 6-1, 2-6, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6(6).

Sadly, the photo above is one angle of the now most-produced image of Lucas, which is really not a valid representation of his powerful, calculating, and creative game. Or his gorgeousness. It is a valid representation of playing your first-ever match on the massive Arthur Ashe stadium at the US Open and taking out one of the contenders for the title. But we’d like to offer you a glimpse of something besides his fascinatingly long tongue.

On our site, we always like to take a different perspective on the game of tennis, and today we’re going to tackle Pouille’s serve. While every player follows the same general form for their service motion, each player has a slightly different toss, or bend of the body, or amount of serious air time.

Lucas Pouille walking to baseline Western and Southern Open 2016

They also may wear really clingy shorts while they’re practicing their serve at the Cincinnati Masters event, in the US Open series, but hey, only some of you may be interested in that. JD is pretending this page doesn’t exist right now.

Whatever your particular area of interest, we hope you enjoy this close-up view of Lucas’ serve technique, one of several pieces in the puzzle of succeeding on one of the biggest stages in tennis. We also hope that success continues, because the world needs an exciting, young French player that — aside from really weird celebratory expressions — is refreshingly short of flighty French cray-cray on the court.

As always, feel free to click or zoom the pics, depending on your viewing device, for a larger, more detailed view.

Lucas Pouille nice ass photos sweaty gorgeous man


Lucas Pouille ball bounce service motion sexy butt purple shorts pics photos


Cincinnati Masters practice service motion racquet Lucas Pouille


tennis ball toss


ball toss Pouille

(Article continues below)

service motion racquet


Lucas angled body nice legs sexy arse service arch


Pookie Pouille flying serve jump naked legs sexy ass


nice butt Lucas Pouille serve


bare back Lucas naked skin abs


service motion

Just for some added perspective, we finish with a shot of Lucas on the other side of the equation, in his return of serve stance.

Beautiful blue eyes return of serve Lucas Pouille Cincinnati tennis practice 2016

Would you like to know more about Lucas? Check out our in-depth profile!

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