Proof That Rafael Nadal Really Does Watch Women’s Tennis

Rafa Nadal peek at girls on practice court Western and Southern Open 2011 photos pictures imagesBusted! Rafael Nadal takes a peek at the women on the next court.

Professional men’s tennis players haven’t typically been the best advocates of women’s tennis; in fact, a lot of them are pretty oblivious when it comes to the fairer sex on the court. One of many fans’ favorite stories is of Rafael Nadal, answering a reporter’s question about the WTA. I haven’t found an original source for this, only fan blogs and boards, so it may well be an urban tennis legend. Only Rafa can tell us if it is “the true,” but it pretty well sums up the male/female divide in the sport:

Interviewer: Who is your favorite professional women’s tennis player?
Rafa: My favorite .. right now is Federer, no? Because he is a perfect tennis player.
Interviewer: Is… Roger Federer?
Rafa: Yeah.
Interviewer: Uh huh, what about in the women’s side?
Rafa: Well I’m not, um, watching a lot of women… women tennis.

Maybe he wasn’t watching then, but on the practice courts at the Cincinnati Open in 2011, Rafa stopped his own workout when his attention was drawn to the women on the court behind him. He seemed mesmerized for a few moments. Then he leaned forward for an, um, closer look. Ahem.

Rafael Nadal peep show women's tennis Cincinnati Open pictures photos 2011“Hola, chica…”

Apparently moved by what he had seen, Rafa took a little time out of practice to daydream.

Rafael Nadal daydream practice court women tennis Cincinnati Open 2011 photos picturesAnd then, perhaps, he told the guys all about it…

Rafa Nadal practice court headband guy talk Cincinnati Open 2011 tennis photo picture“It was not as big as mine, but still fine…”

So, while we’re sure he still spends most of his spare time watching footie or beating Ferrer at PlayStation, we finally have proof that Rafael Nadal is a typical horny man watches women’s tennis.

And yes, J.D. wrote that last photo caption. He adds that we finally have the answer to that eternal question for female fans, whether Rafa is a breasts or ass man…

PHOTOS: c2011 Valerie David.

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