Stan Wawrinka Defeats Sam Querrey, AO 2013: Story and Pictures

Stan Wawrinka black shirt white shorts kit pecs serve Querrey match Australian Open pictures photos screencaps
Stan sizing up the competition.

In the third round of the Australian Open, Stan Wawrinka faced the big-serving American, 20th seed Sam Querrey. A match with Querrey often means hanging on for dear life to your own serve, and doing a lot of standing with aces flying  past you on his serve. You just have to ride it out and wait for your moments. Which is what Stan did, along with eventually figuring out how to get his racquet on quite a lot of those thundering Querrey serves. The Swiss player took the match in a straight-sets victory, 7-6(6) 7-5 6-4.

Stanislas Wawrinka Sam Querrey match sunlight sunlit black white pretty pictures images screencaps photos
Sunlit Stan

One of the most entertaining aspects of watching the match through ESPN’s online coverage was listening to the very pro-American commentators Jeff Tarango and Leif Shiras start gushing over Stan’s play not long into the match. First there was the amazement at a huge proportion of his shots landing just on, inside, or barely hugging the outside edge of the lines. Then the appreciation of all the power on his one-handed backhand, particularly considering the amount of heat Sam was throwing down with his forehand.

My own tweets mostly read like this:

@TennisInsideOut: Another big roar from Stan after a searing DTL pass. Up 30-15 on Sam’s serve.

@TennisInsideOut: STANNNN!! Damn. Nailbiter there. Stan in big trouble, hits some ridiculous line painters and a wicked angled volley to get the hold.

And finally…

@TennisInsideOut: Good gravy. Stan is just…unfff…

Australian Open Stan Wawrinka serve motion service black white shorts photos images screencaps picturesSure, there were a few bobbles, a few shots hit long. Yes his first serve percentage at one point was minus 123% but hey, there’s always that tough fighting Stan spirit:

@TennisInsideOut: ALLEZ!!!! Stan pumped as he comes back from 5 serve faults in a row to hold. Good boy.

Thankfully he ended with a little over 50% on serve, and when they went in, they were quite impressive. He ended with 13 aces (2 more than Querrey) and his fastest serve was 215kmh (Querrey’s was at 213kmh!). When that 1st serve successfully bounded down the T or slid off wide, he won 84% of the points.

Australian Open 2013 Stan Wawrinka Stanley serve photos sizing up competition pictures screencaps images
“Think if I serve it down the middle for the 500th time, he’ll catch on? Nah, probably not.”

All in all, Stan seemed to have a good game plan in mind and stuck to it throughout the match. Sam is strong, and a good volleyer, and kept pressing all the way to the end. These two had an over-four-and-a-half-hour 7-6(9), 6-7(5), 7-5, 4-6, 6-4 match at the USO in 2010, so it was good to see Stan make the right adjustments to close this out in three.

Some more screencaps from the match:

Stanislas Wawrinka Stan Stanley looking good black shirt white shorts serve preparation tennis ball clock photos images pictures screencaps Querrey match 2013
Looking good in black and white.
Stan Wawrinka changeover break sitting seated serene contemplation focus pictures images photos screencaps
A calm and focused Stan on a break between games.
Stan Wawrinka Stanley eating a banana changeover break harmonica photos images pictures screencaps
Stan eating a banana. Or playing the harmonica. It’s kinda hard to tell.
Stan Wawrinka Stanislas shorts problem wedgie butt crack ass bum behind backside white shorts drinking water bottle changeover pictures photos images screencaps
Sam notices that Stan is having a Rafa-esque issue with his shorts. #BigBootieProblems
Australian Open interview Stanislas Wawrink Stan post-match chat smile happy pictures photos images
Stan finished with a backhand DTL winner. He’s understandably pretty happy with his game in his post-match interview.
Australian Open post-match interview third round Stanislas Wawrinka Stan the Man rubbing face thinking hand mouth pictures photos images
Stan contemplating the tough questions. About his next match with Djokovic, Stan addressed the cheering crowd: “I will need some support for sure.”
Stan AO 2013 Querrey match French expression 5576
This just struck me as adorably French. You know, that moment just before you’re about to pronounce another sweetly rounded vowel.
Stan Wawrinka Australian Open Margaret Court Arena clouds in background atmosphere photos pictures images screencaps
Stan after his victory in Margaret Court Arena, moody sky in the background.
Stan Wawrinka Aus Open AO 2-13 butt shot ass curves round bottom bum butt screencaps photos images pictures
As you hoped, or feared, we close with a gratuitous bum shot.

P.S. J.D. was at work when I posted this, and does not approve of that last photo.

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