The Night Session Webcast — Women Rule Roland Garros, Rafa Hits 10

The 2017 French Open is now over, but there’s still plenty to talk about! Rafa nabs an historic 10 wins at a major, Stan Wawrinka sadly breaks his Slam final win streak, Simona Halep misses her chance at a first Slam win, and Jelena Ostapenko wows everyone by winning Roland Garros as her FIRST TITLE. You go, girl!

Of course, those are the obvious headlines. Your Night Session host Valerie and special guest Peter dig deeper into all the cheers, jeers, shade-throwing, and really intimate medical time-outs that made this year’s French Open one of the most entertaining events we’ve had in a while.

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0:05 NIGHT SESSION INTRO & FRENCH OPEN MEN’S FINAL — All the cheers and tears involving that guy with 10 freakin’ trophies and the Stanimal.

With Novak Djokovic in something of a mental no-man’s land and Andy Murray trying to battle for a resurgence of his own, the expectation was that only a full-flight Stan Wawrinka had a chance at stopping the uber dominant Rafa from nabbing yet another Coupe des Mousquetaires. Alas, the Rafa train rolled on, sealing the perfect #Fedal narrative on 2017, and Stan-fan Valerie and Murraycoaster-addict Peter have a few things to say about that.

13:58 SHIRTLESS STANISLAS — Count the abs, peeps, they are numerous and amazing

Does this even need an explanation?

17:03 FRENCH OPEN WOMEN’S FINAL — Ostapenko hits way more winners than she has candles on her birthday cake

While some may be lamenting that one of the frontrunners for the title didn’t nab the win, Valerie and Peter talk about the joy that was Ostapenko’s impressive run to that last Saturday in the draw.

23:23 MEN’S AND WOMEN’S DOUBLES — Decimated draws, fun finals, and how more doubles players should learn to be like #TeamBucie

The Night Session hosts give a shout-out to the American winners on red clay, and Valerie has a few thoughts on how #TeamBucie offers a way to get doubles more into the spotlight.

32:35 BEST OF THE REST, WOMEN’S DRAW — The upsets, the dream match-ups, the ladies stepping up big time. Also, a word about Bagels.

This amazeballs image of Caroline Garcia is an accurate representation of how the ladies of the WTA really upped their game at Roland Garros, and the Night Session pays tribute to a second week packed with incredible matches that showcased a variety of tennis skills and styles, as well as the exquisite drama of momentum shifts and personality clashes that keep things so interesting.

41:51 GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL — A shout-out to the Wawrinka / Murray match-up but a lot of disappointed sighs for the rest of the 2nd week on the men’s side. Also, villains with a side of Angry Sex

Val and Peter show their faves some love (and some tears) over the gritty Murray/Wawrinka match that went the distance and offered up an exciting and high-quality contest, all the more precious considering the dismal scorelines of most of the other ATP match-ups. Also, a word of advice to Djokovic about embracing the Dark Side.

49:20 ANDY MURRAY TELLS THE HARSH TRUTH — A quick look at Andy’s self-deprecating view of his tennis.

Peter wanted to highlight Andy’s wry sense of humor while discussing the state of his game, but an audio snaful means that we couldn’t hear the Scot’s deliciously deadpan delivery. Click the tweet above to get the audio, then click the link to get the Night Session analysis.

52:04 ANDY’S UNIQUE PRONUNCIATIONS — There’s a little something off about that “Philippe Chatrier,” Andy….

Once again, the audio you need is in the tweet above. The link will get you to Peter’s tender mockery of Andy’s skill with other languages…..

54:45 NOVAK DJOKOVIC BOOB-THROWING — The good, the bad, and the ugly side of Nole’s celebratory…maneuver

Nole fans love it, and will attack anyone who doesn’t, including Rennae Stubbs. Val and Peter discuss all that’s wrong with Novak Djokovic’s post-win celebrations, and the different PR path he should consider.

1:02:38 ALL THE FEELS — Emotions were running high at the French Open and for some it brought out their best selves. Also: Injury updates, drama-queen players, and on-court coaching.

DelpoBear was the talk of the tournament for his sympathetic affection for injured opponent Nico Almagro. We thought DelPo hugs were good, but damn, those chest rubs look nice, too. The Argentinian wasn’t the only kind soul during the French Open, either, and Val and Peter take you through the deeply human moments extending all the way back to the lead-in Geneva tournament.

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1:23:35 RENAMING MARGARET COURT ARENA — The controversy, the player and pundit response, and where it all might lead

Former tennis champion Margaret Court is one of the worst kinds of trolls, all the more damaging as she operates in real life. The Night Session discusses the controversy, and the overwhelming response from the tennis community. The JMac video we discuss in the webcast can be watched in the tweet above!

1:30:45 THROWING SHADE — Sharapova wildcards, mean girl drama, and female empowerment.

Welcome to a new segment on The Night Session! Throwing Shade takes a look at all the snarky drama from Sharapova’s Wildcards to Garbine Muguruza’s response to the polarizing antics of Kiki Mladenovic. (Apologies for our final audio snafu of the webcast, with the correct sound available in the video tweet above.)

1:44:36 STANIMAL IS AN ADONIS AND BORIS BECKER HAS THOUGHTS — All the lovely Stan visuals and weird Boris thoughts, including life after Djokovic.

Depending on your Roland Garros tennis broadcaster, you may have gotten more of an eyeful of Stan Wawrinka than you had ever imagined possible when he got an on-court MTO for a “lower back” injury that included…erm…a lot more areas than the lower back. This incredible display of the Stanimal physique leads right into a discussion of Boris Becker’s remarks about the Swiss player in the shower — and more insight into the mind of Boris than you may dare to contemplate.

1:57:04 NEXTGEN FINALS — All the WTF rules of the under-21 version of the WTFs, and how those NextGen’ers are actually performing. Shout-outs to Khachanov, Pouille, Tiafoe and more…

The ATP is highlighting the under-21 players with an end-of-year event that is more WTF? than the actual WTFs could ever be. Val and Peter discuss the experimental rules for the Milan finals as well as taking a look at the current Top 7 players and how they fared at Roland Garros this year.

2:20:37 TENNIS CHANNEL HATES STAN — Tennis fans love to rant about the coverage of their beloved sport on TV, and Val and Peter are no exception….

Those who follow Val @TennisInsideOut on Twitter know her pet peeves about tennis scheduling, and how Stan continues to be not The Man as far as Tennis Channel is concerned. Peter also has a few thoughts about the annoying split coverage of events that promises fans “all the matches” and then pulls the rug out when least expected.

2:30:17 IN THE TUNNEL — Check out the latest hottie you should know about on the ATP tour!!

It’s been awhile since The Night Session has debuted a hot young player In the Tunnel, but we’re back with the delicious Russian #NextGen hopeful, Karen Khachanov. We hope you love him as much as we do!

Thank you so much for listening, and we hope you enjoyed this Roland Garros episode of The Night Session from Tennis Inside Out!! Feel free to give us feedback here in the comments, on our YouTube channel, or over on Twitter.

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