The Speedy Stan Wawrinka Wardrobe Changeover

Stan Wawrinka Japan Open 2015 sexy stare

Let’s all pause a moment to appreciate model Stan Wawrinka during a changeover, giving the camera a sexy stare while stripping off his clothes, hair perfectly tousled, towel draped casually and stylishly over one shoulder. Bravo.

The Stanimal was in an interesting mood during his 2nd round match against Tatsumo Ito at the Rakuten Japan Open in Tokyo. The Swiss player seemed in a hurry to get off the court, pausing only briefly between points and rushing through his changeover routine.

Since that routine included a costume change, it was a bit fascinating to watch. And Ito adapted to Stan’s snappy pace, perhaps not wanting to hang out in the chilly air any longer than his opponent.

Stan Wawrinka Tatsumo Ito changeover Japan Open

Stan and Tatsumo head towards their benches for the changeover.

Stan change walking to bench waiting for towel
Stan Wawrinka putting on hoodie changeover pics

Stan grabs his jacket and shrugs his arms into it quickly…


Japan Open Tokyo photos Stanislas Wawrinka reaching for hood keeping warm Ito match

It’s apparently extra cool on court, so Stan reaches back for his hood.


Stan Wawrinka putting on hood protect the fluffy hair

This is a complicated process, as he has to be careful not to improperly disrupt the awesomeness of his fluffy hair.


Rakuten Open Japan Stan Wawrinka cute hoddie gray black blue white kit tennis bag Yonex

There. Mission accomplished, looking all cool shrouded in his cozy hoodie. Now time to arrange things in the tennis bag.


Japan tennis second round changeover Stan in hoodie pics

Stan has also draped the towel across his lap for extra warmth. Get this man a space heater! Or at least a blow dryer, he can keep warm and continually refluff his hair…


Stan Wawrinka in hoodie drinking water bottle towel draped across legs Yonex racquet bag

Now it’s time for a bit of refreshment…

Stan evil eye to camera Wawrinka gray and black hoodie water bottle

Also time to give the camera a bit of stink eye, it seems…


Rakuten Japan Open Stan Wawrinka taking off hoodie towel blue kit pics photos

The relaxing is over, time to take off the hoodie…

Stan Wawrinka stripping pulling off hoodie blue shirt towel Yonex racquet and bag changeover pics

Stan seems sad to give up his toasty hoodie. It might be wise to slip on one of those Old Man undershirts for the next match. (The Original Old Man in his.)


Tatsumo Ito Stan Wawrinka second round match changeover photos pics

A little last-minute fussing…


Rakuten Japan Open Tokyo Tatsumo Ito Stan Wawrinka changeover toweling walking

…and Stan’s ready to go.


Ito Wawrinka changeover Japan Open

Tatsumo jumps up in response. The commentators discuss whether it would be a wiser tactic for Ito to sit on his bench and take the full time, but truthfully the pace didn’t seem to harm the Japanese man’s game.


Stan Wawrinka blue and white Yonex kit racquet heading to baseline after changeover Japan Open 2015 pics

Stan heads for the baseline.


Stan Wawrinka Tatsumo Ito second round Rakuten Japan Open ready to play

When the umpire calls “Time!” the guys are all ready to play. No messing around here. The commentators realize they might be home early and call it “refreshing.”

We feel Stan would have used his time more productively by perhaps slowing down a hair and winning this in 2 sets rather than 3, but hey, a win is a win. Plus this wardrobe changeover every two games was an entertainment in itself. We love you, Stan, and good luck in the next round!

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