The WTF Faces of AO14 Part II: Line Calls and F’in Finals…

Dominika Cibulkova face palm hand to head frustration  Li Na final Australian Open 2014 pictures photos images screencaps
Australian Open finalist Dominika Cibulkova, demonstrating the general purpose “WTF?” face palm.

We didn’t think we had quite enough fun with the WTF faces of the 2014 Australian Open, so we thought we’d share a few more. In the first week of the Slam Down Under especially, when temps were soaring, the heat waves on court seemed to interfere with the line judges’ accuracy. Here’s a glance at some of those entertaining moments when the players wondered “WTF was that line call?

Ernests Gulbis Ernie WTF was this line call arms outstretched funny gesture pics Aussie Open 2014
It’s not an Ernests Gulbis match without at least one dispute with the umpire.

Ryan Harrison reigned in his famous temper during yet another tough first round Slam match, this time against Gael Monfils, even zenning his way through a bad call that could have cost him a game. But by the third set, as line judging errors piled up, that Big Harry fury started to show.

Ryan Harrison pissed off bad line calling errors Gael Monfils match Australian Open photos
Scary Harry.

Ana Ivanovic successfully challenged two serves in a row that would have given the “home team” advantage to Sammy Stosur.

Ana Ivanovic WTF arms raised angry gesture bad line call won challenge Samantha Stosur match photos blue dress Aussie Open

Ana Ivanovic disappointed bemused face after two correct challenges on serve out calls Sam Stosur Match Australian Open 2014 pictures hmph
WTF, Australia? I am judging you.”

Tommy Robredo had a whole range of “WTF?” reactions to an overturned call that gave Stan Wawrinka the point at a crucial time, rather than a replay.

Tommy Robredo questioning look line call Stanislas Wawrinka match Australian Open 2014

Stan Tommy Robredo match Aus Open 14 Tommy arguing gesturing overturned line call angry pictures photos

Tommy Robredo sad disappointed in overturned line call lost point Stan Wawrinka match

Face palm hand to mouth Tommy Robredo can't believe challenge call Stan match 2014 AO

Tommy Robredo anguished eyes upset over line call Wawrinka match

Stan Wawrinka had some challenge issues of his own in his match against Alejandro Falla, when he very animatedly gestured for the umpire to tell him WTF mark it was he was using for the call.

Stanislas Wawrinka challenging asking umpire about which mark on the call Alejandro Falla match Australian Open pics screencaps
He lost the challenge, by the way. And smiled ruefully after.

In the finals, Domi, Stan, and Rafa had their ups, downs, and “WTF AM I DOING?” moments.

Dominika Cibulkova Li Na final Australian Open waving hands frustration bad shot pictures blue and white dress photos

Stanislas Wawrinka Stan the Man hand to face wiping sweat facepalming tough final match against Rafael Nadal AO 2014 pics photos

Rafael Nadal Rafa punches racquet roars in frustration angry at break points lost in Wawrinka final Aussie Open 14

AO Li Na final Domi Cibulkova leans arches back in frustration photos pictures long blonde hair racquet pictures photos images screencaps

Stanislas Wawrinka went even further, desperately asking his camp about his lapses in the 3rd set:

Stanislas Wawrinka Stanimal smoking something on court questioning poor play in Nadal final
“WTF am I smoking?” 

They seemed to have the same question themselves…

Stan's team with disappointed and questioning looks during Nadal final lull in level eventual Australian Open Slam win

Stanislas Wawrinka circled fingers sexual gesture frustration towards team lapsed judgement third set Australian Open Rafa Nadal final pictures images photos
Stan seemed to be asking something even more graphic here… O_o
Severin Luthi Magnus Norman Stan Wawrinka coaches  Nadal final concerned frustrated worried for Stanley pics
Sev wondered WhyTheF*** he couldn’t helpfully zap Stan with his brain, and Magnus was wondering WhyTheF*** he took this job…

The ladies brought some competitive drama…

Dominika Cibulkova angry determined expression stink eye to Li Na final AO 14 pics
“WTF you looking at?”
Li Na grim challenging expression to Domi Cibulkova Australian Open final red-violet pink visor photos pictures funny
“WTF *you* looking at?”

Stan once again made us smile with a “WTF?” as he punched himself in the head…for doing well.

Stan Wawrinka fist to temple after upping play level in Rafa Nadal final January Slam Australia
Taking the advice to “pound it into your skull” a bit too literally perhaps…

Rafa with his ultimate “WTF IS HAPPENING?” pose as he faced the final match point.

Aussie Open final Rafa Nadal smashes face into racquet frustration disbelief agony match point to Stan Wawrinka 2014 pictures photos

And Li Na, with a mixture of joy and relief and “WTF OMG I WON!”

Australian Open champion Li Na exulting relief victory hands on head pose smile

Relive Part I of the AO WTF faces. You might also enjoy: Australian Open Champ Stan Wawrinka: Pics, Quotes, and Love from the Players.

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