12 Days ‘Til Cincy — Gilles Simon

Gilles Simon backhand return nice ass cute butt white shorts

The story of Gilles Simon at Cincy last year was that he had a chance to beat Novak Djokovic….but lost by a mere break in the third. That the tennis-y story. The Tennis Inside Out story was that Gilles had incredibly Epic Hair last summer, and we can’t stop staring at it.

What’s this Cincy countdown all about? CLICK HERE to find out!

Surely anyone who sees this picspam has to agree that Gilles should never EVER ever cut all his hair off again. Seriously…it’s an absolute crime to deprive the world of this delicious, wavy, fluffy, pompadour-y goodness.

Gilles Simon forehand tennis ball racquet nice butt


Cincinnati tennis Gilles Simon gorgeous hair


Gilles Simon running forehand skinny legs photos


Leaping backhand big swing Gilles Simon Cincy 2014

Val has always loved Simon’s super-swingy backhand, and yes, that’s a technical term. *eyedart*


Hot French tennis players backhand follow through Gilles Simon nice ass rump butt arse

And yes, that is an impressive derriere for a dude with such skinny legs…


Gilles Simon running stretching forehand tennis ball Cincinnati Masters pics


Gilles Simon sexy intense stare fluffy hair Cincinnati Masters 2014 pics photos images


Cute butt white shorts Gilles Simon


Cool arty photo Gilles Simon Cincinnati Masters Western and Southern Open 2014

Our cool, arty photo for the day….


Hot French guys Gilles Simon necklace blue polo Western and Southern Open 2014

If looks could kill…


Handsome Gilles Simon bulge white shorts strutting off court Djokovic match Cincinnati 2014

A tough loss, but Gilles still struts off the court with attitude…


Gilles Simon signing autographs for kids Western and Southern Open Cincy pretty face

And signs for a ton of enthusiastic young fans…

We hope you enjoyed all of the epic backhands, forehands, and fluffiness. Missed the previous day on our Countdown to Cincy? CLICK HERE for “13 Days ‘Til Cincy — 13 Svetlana Kuznetsova Expressions”

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