10 Days ‘Til Cincy — Stan Wawrinka Shirt Change

Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Masters changeover Stan Wawrinka Stanislas towel ball girl tanned legs photos pics images

It’s 10 days ’til Cincy and Val has started her prayer circle for seeing a shirtless Stan Wawrinka on the practice courts this year. You took it all off for ESPN’s Body Issue, Stanley, stop being coy in person!! *Ahem* Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s enjoy the brief Stan shirtlessness from the 2014 tourney.

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Stan didn’t make this one easy for Val, trying to sneak this shirt change in when a security guard interfered with her line of sight. Luckily Val was vigilant, and she quickly maneuvered her way over to snap these pics of the intermittently shy Stanimal. Click the photos to see enlarged versions and absorb every detail.

You’re welcome.

Cincinnati Masters Western and Southern Open shirtless Stan Wawrinka hairy chest tummy tattoo pics photos

As usual, the man tries to take the shirt off ALL AT ONCE.


Stan Wawrinka shirt change topless tattoo pecs hairy

Entanglement ensues…

Stan Wawrinka shirt change hot Cincy


Cincinnati Masters Stan Wawrinka naked shirtless hairy chest biceps shoulder muscles legs pics photosHello, half-naked Stanley. Lookin’ good.


Western and Southern Open shirt change Stan Wawrinka pics photos

Now it’s time to untangle a NEW shirt…


Stan the Man Wawrinka Cincinnati Masters shirtless shirt change hairy chest muscles shoulders gold chain necklace


Stan the Man shirt change sexy shoulders bulge pics

Something on the big screen seems to have caught Stan’s attention. That, or he just realized 500 people are taking pictures of his shirt change…


Stan Wawrinka shirt change hairy chest abs inner thighs sexy naked Stanley pics photos images


Western and Southern Open Cincinnati tennis 2014 funny photos pictures face peeking through shirt change hairy pecs chest armpits

Peekaboo Stan…


Stan Wawrinka shirt change covering nipples hairy fuzzy tummy  stomach abs photos

Stan must have seen his nipples on the big screen….and this isn’t the first time he’s considered nip exposure too hot for TV…


Stan Wawrinka shirt change hairy stomach abs fluffy hair pics photos

Time to quickly cover up then…


Western and Southern Open Stan Wawrinka changeover security guard hint of tummy

And here’s our last peek at tummy…


Cincinnati tennis cute Swiss player Stan Wawrinka face lips sexy inner thighs

And our last look at sunlit fluffy hair and impressive thighs…


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