9 Days ‘Til Cincy — Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov running backhand white shorts turquoise stripes Cincinnati Masters pics

It’s 9 days ’til Cincy, and we’ve got a realllllly close view of Grigor Dimitrov for you to enjoy. The photo pits and press areas at the Western and Southern Open often put us right on the edge of the court, which can make photographing the players alternately an awesome experience and a really tricky one. Here on stadium #3, it often felt a little too close to the action, but we nabbed a few pics we think you’ll enjoy.

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Grigor is fun to photograph, since he’s easy on the eyes as well as having a tennis style that mixes flexibility, explosiveness, and grace. We’ve got more pics from this match to share in future on our site, but for now, here’s an appetizer of Grisha’s running and stretching and cranking really cool one-handed backhands.

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Cincinnati Masters photos Janowicz match Grigor Dimitrov low set up for backhand


Cincinnati tennis 2014 white see through shorts sheer cute ass forehand shot


Grigor Dimitrov Cincinnati Masters sweet backhand volley dig 2014 pics photos Nike stripes shirt


Close-up of pretty Grigor Dimitrov Nike stripes Cincy tennis photos


Grigor Dimitrov one hander backhand shadows on court Cincinnati Western and Southern Open photos pics images


Sweet one handed backhand follow through arms extended legs spread striped Nike shirt Grigor Dimitrov Cincinnati Masters


Grigor Dimitrov backhand flip tennis ball on racquet stripey shirt white shorts


Grisha scrunchy face striped shirt

Grigor looking a little skeptical of the challenge system…


Western and Southern Open tennis Grigor Dimitrov one handed backhand tennis ball shadows


Sexy Grigor Dimitrov close-up staring right back at me striped Nike shirt photos Cincy

Oh. Hello there, Grisha! <3


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