8 Days ‘Til Cincy — Aga Radwanska

Aga flying forehand Cincinnati cool tennis photos hot chicks

It’s 8 days ’til Cincy and we have FLYING AGNIESZKA!! She leaps, she bounds, she dances, she finesses, she is a wily little ninja! Last year in Cincy we nabbed these photos of our Polish princess, playing against fellow royal Caroline Wozniacki. Though Wozza eventually won it in a second set tiebreak, Aga battled hard against her friend and rival.

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Aga is always a delight to watch, because you just never know when she’ll take flight, spin midair, and pull off some highlight-reel-worthy winner with impressive improvisational skill. Here we give you just a hint of her abilities on court, and a bigger hint at her gorgeousness.

Don’t forget to click the pics for bigger versions.

Aga Cincy yellow booty shorts leaping dancing ninja backhand


Agnieszka Radwanska Aga service motion serve purple dress knee tape Cincinnati premier tennis 2014


Western and Southern Open forehand tennis Aga Radwanska blue patterned knee tape 2014


Cincinnati Premier tennis Aga Radwanska backhand follow through Babolat racquet purple dress pics


Yellow booty shorts Cincinnati leaping forehand smash volley purple Lotto dress turquoise knee tape 2014 pics photos


Aga Radwanska close forehand reaction Babolat racquet tennis ball yellow purple kit


Aga Radwanska whipping forehand slender naked legs flying ponytail yellow visor


Aga Radwanska smash Smashwanska leaping cool photos purple yellow kit

Smashwanska. <3


Western and Southern Open Aga Radwanska tennis leaping backhand yellow booty shorts thighs Cheesecake Factory logo


Beautiful Aga Radwanska Cincinnati Wozniacki match eyelashes purple dress ponytail pretty pics photos

So pretty, so awesome.


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