14 Days ‘Til Cincy — Pretty and Popular Pospisil

Gorgeous sweaty Vasek Pospisil sexy close up photos Cincinnati Masters pics tongue

It’s only TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL Cincy!! Just 14 days until we nab more close-up pictures of pretty boys like Canada’s Vasek Pospisil, all because we love you. These lovely snaps came from Vashy’s first round match against Radek Stepanek, where he won after an exciting three-setter, 5-7 6-1 7-6(4).

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The winning ways and uber adorable charm of his bromance with American Jack Sock definitely seems to have raised Vashy’s profile with fans. After his victory wave to the cheering crowd, the young player came over to the common folk to soak up some of the love and make many hottie fangirls very, very happy.

Vasek Pospisil Radek Stepanek handshake at net Cincinnati Western and Southern Open photos

It was a cordial handshake between the two competitors at the end of the match.


Cincy tennis Vasek Pospisil Radek Stepanek grins umpire funny photos pics

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here, but Vashy started grinning devilishly the moment Steps got near the umpire, then they were both smiling. We’ll let your imagination run wild on what that was all about.


Western and Southern Open Vasek Pospisil poses for photos after match big grinVashy signed some autographs, then stood and posed for pictures. That’s right, he’s so pretty that fans asked to just take pics of him standing there with that endearing smile.


Vasek Pospisil Popsicle poses with fangirls fans photos pics Cincinnati

Next up were the giggling, squeeing fangirls wanting selfies.


Fangirls love Vashy posing for selfies Cincinnati 2014

What exactly are you looking at there, Vashy?


Hot Canadian tennis players selfies Vasek Pospisil grin cute teeth pics photos Cincinnati 2014

And yes, more fangirls, more selfies.


Cute Vashy Pospisil signing autographs for fans Stepanek match Cincinnati Masters tennis 2014 photos pics images

More autographs and just looking adorable.


Hot sexy Vasek Pospisil sweaty beads close up gold chain pretty smile gorgeous eyes photos

Definitely click away to expand this pic and enjoy the sweaty gorgeousness of Vasek Pospisil in vivid detail.

You’re welcome.

Want more Vashy in Cincy? Take a look at his doubles action with Jack against the Bryan Brothers.

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