22 Days ‘Til Cincy — David Ferrer

David Ferrer

We told you we’d be visiting with Ferruuuuuu during our countdown, and here he is! The eventual Cincy 2014 finalist had a long practice session with Stan Wawrinka, where he spent much of the time practicing his serve. You can see the trademark stance and adorable tongue action above.

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You’ll see all facets of the serve here, and we managed a few other shots of the Spanish player in action. We also nabbed some close-ups, so hopefully the Ferru fangirls will find something to enjoy in this post as well. 😉

Don’t forget, you can click each pic to expand.

Cincinnati tennis ball bounce David Ferrer


Ferru serve


Ferrer gorgeous sweaty back shoulders red shirt tennis


David Ferrer two-handed backhand shot practice Cincy


Western and Southern Open Masters David Ferrer serve


David Ferrer incredible leaping serve serious air racquet red white kit Cincinnati Masters tennis photos pics images

Wow. That is some serious air, which shows you how a “little guy” on the tour can still have a booming big serve.

Ferru backhand slice dance for camera Ferrer

This shot above was amusingly good timing; it looks like Daveed is doing a funny pose for the camera instead of, you know, jogging over for a backhand slice. Plus his body looks fantastic, which is what we guess many of you will really be paying attention to.

Close-up David Ferrer inner thighs sexy sweaty hot tennis players

This pic above is a good one to click on and expand, if you’re into the pretty Ferru. Which, by the way, Ferru really IS exquisitely pretty, as Val can attest to. See this guy up close and you may become a little overwhelmed by those heavily lashed, sparkling eyes alone.

Just saying.

David Ferrer abs tummy big serve Cincinnati

David Ferrer Ferru Stan the Man Wawrinka tennis balls pick up Cincy

We leave you with a cute little #Teamwork moment where the guys picked up the tennis balls together.

David Ferrer Western and Southern Open Stan Wawrinka practice

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