21 Days ‘Til Cincy — Maria Sharapova

Western and Southern Open center court Maria Sharapova clenched fist determined play,great arms sexy figure

Last year in Cincy, there was a lot of fist-clenching going on in Maria Sharapova’s matches. The powerful blonde battled through 8 tough sets total against Madison Keys, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, and Simona Halep. Then came her semifinal against Ana Ivanovic, who was playing exceptional tennis that week.

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Ana also had some mid-match MTO drama that Maria wasn’t completely thrilled with. She was even less thrilled when Ana won the match at 6-2, 5-7, 7-5. It was still an incredibly entertaining display of tennis, however, full of suspense and intense competitiveness between the two ladies. As you’ll see in our photos, there was a lot of emotion from the normally stoic Masha.

We didn’t always have the premiere position for these pics, but you can still click many of them for an expanded view.

Western and Southern Open big running backhand swing Maria Sharapova pics photos

Roger Federer is looking at those blue-soled shoes and grumbling, “Those would totally be banned at Wimbledon.” Actually it’s all just an excuse for him to stare at her shapely legs again.

Masha service motion Cincinnati Premier

Masha leaping serve

Beautiful Maria Sharapova ponytail sweaty gorgeous face Ivanovic match Cincinnati Premier ladies tennis pics

Maria Sharapova running sweeping forehand gorgeous nude thighs muscles ponytail

Cincinnati Open big yell fist pump Maria Sharapova Masha pics images photos shriek

Loved that somewhat sinister grin as she fist pumped over an important point.

Maria Sharapova frilly skirt fluttering ponytail Cincy tennis pics

And there were some angsty moments as well…

Maria facepalm frustration lament pretty blue dress racquet visor pics Cincy

Maria Sharapova Cincinnati premier awesome naked muscular thighs big forehand swing wide stance tennis court  2014 pics

Maria Sharapova Cincy leapoing forehand grunt shriek warrior princess yell pics images photos

Beautiful Maria Sharapova fixing hair tennis ball blue navy kit

Tennis ball in hand for the serve…time for some last-minute hair-primping…

Maria Sharapova Western and Southern Open big yell triumph bellow clenched fist pump sexy sweaty women tennis players

Maria was feelin’ it. So close, so close in this match, but it was not to be this time.

Ana Ivanovic Maria Sharapova handshake pics Cincinnati match 2014 semifinals

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